What Johnny Depp character would be your ideal date?

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The title says it all. And, I'm sorry for my bad English.

  • 1
    You are on your ideal date. What are you doing?
    Drinking tea, of course!
    Sailing in the sea and drinking lots and lots of rum.
    Eating delicious meat pies and talking about revenge.
    Eating chocolate on a riverboat.
  • 2
    What kind of clothes would your ideal partner wear?
    Anything at all, but colourful socks and a hat would be wonderful.
    Black leather.
    Black pants, a white shirt and a waste coat.
    Boots, a scarf and a hat.
    A white tank top and a brown jacket.
  • 3
    Is your ideal date musical?
    Yes, he plays the guitar very well.
    Not really.
    Yes, he sings very well and he has a beautiful voice.
    Ninja, he sings a lot specially when he has drank some rum but not really.
    I guess so, he likes to sing his own versions of specially children songs.
  • 4
    What would you imagine your ideal partner saying?
    He doesn't really speak much.
    There's a hole in the world like a great black pit and it's filled with people who are filled with shit! And the vermin of the world inhabit it...
    Very good... But not my favourite.
    Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?
    But why is the rum gone!
  • 5
    What kind of person would your dream date be?
    Romantic and funny.
    Really funny, maybe just a bit insane and dishonest.
    Bitter and vengeful. Not at all naive, anymore at least.
    He has a good heart, but he's completely MAD.
    Sad and quiet.
  • 6
    What would your ideal partner order?
    Anything but lemonade!
    A meat pie.
    Some hot chocolate with just a bit of chili.
    Some tea!
  • 7
    On the end of the date your ideal partner says he will call you. What happens?
    He tries to call you, but he doesn't make it so he comes personally to you to say hi.
    He forgets to call you. He is too busy with killing people and planning revenge.
    He doesn't call you. On the next day you see him making up with an another woman.
    He calls you the next morning and tells you you're late from tea.
    He doesn't call you, but two days after your date he appears to your door and asks you to come to his boat for a glass of wine.
  • 8
    You are
    Goodhearted, not selfish at all and you understand mad people.
    Beautiful and nice.
    Beautiful, dark haired and goodhearted and you make the most amazing hot chocolate.
    You like being free. And rum, of course.
    Beautiful and virtuous and you have yellow hair.
  • 9
    The meaning of your life
    Being with the one i love
    Having revenge
    Loving someone and being understood
    Being free. AND rum.
    Being with the people i love
  • 10
    Your ideal partner's hair would be
    Black and MESSY.
    Black, messy with a white streak on it.
    Gold-brown and on a ponytail.
    Black dreadlocks.
    Red, messy and always pointing somewhere up.

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