Is your best friend really something more?

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You've known your best friend for what seems like years. You have done everything together, talked all hours of the night, and spent lots of time with one another. Suddenly you notice that things have changed somewhat. Suddenly, you are spending just one extra hour on the phone, doing one more activity, and spending just a little bit more time together. You notice just one more thing about that person. Then you ask yourself. Do they feel the same? Is my best friend more than friends?

  • 1
    You and your friend are at a party together. How does your friend act around you?
    They split up in the beginning and only see you again after its over.
    They spend half their time with you, the other half with others.
    They spend almost every minute with you.
  • 2
    Has your friend ever asked you to go out to eat, or to the movies, just you and them?
    No, I don't recall a time that they have.
    Maybe once, but I can't really remember.
    Yes, I can remember several times.
  • 3
    It's your birthday. What does your friend do?
    They show up for an hour then leave.
    They give me a simple card and a "Happy Birthday".
    They bring me a very nice gift, a hug, and then stay by my side during the party.
  • 4
    You are with your friend out walking on a warm summers night just talking about the day when out of nowhere someone knocks you over from behind then runs off. What does your friend do?
    They do nothing. I pick myself up and we keep going.
    They run after the person, then later ask if I am okay.
    They help me up first, ask if I am okay, then yell after the person.
  • 5
    You won free vacation tickets for a trip for two to any destination! What does your friend say?
    They congratulate me, then ask where I have planned to go. I end up inviting them along.
    They mutter a simple "Nice." and change the subject.
    They congratulate me and that's about it.
  • 6
    A cherished family member died. You are very upset and withdraw from the social scene for a while. How does your friend respond?
    They text me with an apology, then mail me a card.
    They pay me a visit, sit with me without talking, and let me cry it out.
    They leave me alone until the next time I appear.
  • 7
    You two are spending time together at one of your favorite hot spots. You are sitting next to one another when the conversation falls silent. You look at each other after a while then look away again. Suddenly your friends hand slipped and its now resting on yours. At least you think it slipped. How do you react?
    I immediately yank it away. That was weird.
    I only let in linger a moment then pull it away. I feel odd now but not completely uncomfortable.
    I allow their hand to stay on mine, perhaps holding it after a while. I feel strangely comfortable.
  • 8
    You are in the hospital for a scheduled surgery. Things go okay but you are going to need a lot of physical therapy after the scars have healed. What does your friend do?
    They call maybe once or twice but that's about it.
    They pay me a visit 4 times a week until I am released.
    They arrive with a small suit case and a flower arrangement. They stay overnight for 3 days and never once leave my side.
  • 9
    You two are at a party, and both of you are drunk. That night you end up making out for almost 15 minutes. You swear you don't remember it, but your other friends clearly do. When they confront you both about it, what is your reaction?
    I blush, and try to hide my smile. I mutter a simple "Oops." and shrug it off.
    I am embarrassed but not mortified. Its hard to look at my friend now without blushing.
    I sit there for a moment in utter shock before never speaking to my friend again. It would be too weird.
  • 10
    You received a job offer from the company you work for in another state. It would require you to move obviously and give up your current life. (Meaning your everyday chats with friends, going out, etc. You'll be gone.) You tell your friends. How does your best friend react?
    They say congrats then wish me luck in my new job.
    They immediately tell me that they will miss me too much, and that they will miss spending so much time with me.
    They are silent for a minute, then quietly offer word of congratulations.

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