How much do you love him?

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Love is a great emotion that we love to feel. Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we love someone discover how much you love him

  • 1
    How much do you think about him?
    When I see something that reminds me of him
    Why would I think about him if I see him everyday
    All the time
    Not much
    Most of the time
  • 2
    When you think about him you ...
    Laugh and think what you can do with him
    Smile and remember him
    Smile and then change the subject (I'm shy)
    Are sad
  • 3
    After 10 years you imagine you..
    No future between us
    Just friends it didn't work
    Are still with him deeply in love
    Friends but still in love
  • 4
    Your imagination of a romantic evening
    Dinner on the light of the candle
    Walking together on the beach
    Sitting on the river under the moonlight
  • 5
    If he ever proposed you will..
    Scream yes
    Yes but not now later
    Take time to think
    Never we are just dating
  • 6
    If you want to describe your love you will choose
    I love him but....
    Love? Since when is there love between us
    Deeply in love never felt this way before
    We are so in love but I loved a person more
  • 7
    You think he
    Is my soul mate
    Means the world to you
    Is insensitive I hate him
    Is the best guy ever
  • 8
    If he ever demanded anything you would
    Think before doing anything
    Tell him he can do it
    Directly do it without thinking I trust him
  • 9
    If you want to give him a gift you would go with
    An expensive watch
    Why should I buy him one he doesn't deserve it
    A simple tie
  • 10
    If he ever introduced you to his parents you will
    I'll try my best it isn't my fault if they hated me
    Try your best to win them
    Don't care bout their opinion I'm dating him not his parents

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Chloe (83179)
3 days ago
He is gabe he's really hot,and tall. The first time I met him I thought he was hot and knew I was in love I didn't tell anyone and so my friend went out with him and i got mad. They broke up and I told her I liked him she was ok with it so I asked him out and he rejected me😥😢 I will never love again
Brianna (79306)
128 days ago
I'm Soooooooooooooooo in love with him by the way his name is Cody Karn I have loved him for a
Long time love you Cody
xXO.OXx (82427)
263 days ago
Btw he's called Will full name William
xXO.OXx (82427)
263 days ago
|-/ (61872)
265 days ago
i've loved him so much for the past 3 years but now we are going different paths and i'm LITERALLY dying from the sadness. #brokenheartsyndrome
ShayleeTheWarrior (82991)
331 days ago
Um...ok i'm a total dweeb, because i took this thinking about Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail. I LOVE THE ICY STRIPPER, OK!??! T^T
alice (56926)
467 days ago
I love him!!!! Btw he's called Joshua he's so hot,funny,cute, adorable.. I love him so much!!!😍😍 love you Joshua😍♥♥😘💑💋
ashley (11574)
546 days ago
ive tried before its awkward but i might still have a chance im still his best girl friend
Izzie (06142)
585 days ago
Zee (99074)
613 days ago
my case is a bit different... we don't even talk now 'cause of what happened 2 yrs ago... But I know that I'll care for him forever...
LOVER GIRL (81137)
642 days ago
HIPO (50449)
680 days ago
I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!