What's in My Blind Spot As Boss?

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Even great managers have good behaviors in their blind spot: those they only incorporate when needed, are less comfortable or experienced with or put on the back-burner.

Taking a quick look at where you could stand to allocate more attention provides the opportunity to avoid productivity pitfalls.

  • 1
    Maybe your background with the group holds some answers. Which best describes you?
    I am a new outside hire/I was (recently) promoted/I was promoted to head this group based on my individual performance.
    I am a manager looking to improve on my team’s productivity.
    I am a manager looking to consolidate my different experiences into one successful approach.
  • 2
    How would you best describe your relationship with your team members/those you manage?
    I am well-acquainted with and frequently discuss our lives outside of the office with my team members.
    I have no problem discussing life outside the office-- but only when it comes up: I usually wait for someone to approach me.
    I generally focus on communicating work-related information. I can get to know about my team member’s personal lives in the appropriate setting: like the company retreat.
  • 3
    To convey group priorities:
    I take what’s expected of my team, and create a game plan accordingly, which I present to my team.
    I expect my team to understand what are goals are and what is expected of them after I set them forth.
    I take what’s expected of my team and plan, sometimes involving some or all team members in goal-setting and strategy.
  • 4
    To set forth these goals and tasks,

    I expect team members to come to me when they run into roadblocks.
    I tend to lead meetings, or let the same few people talk in meetings.
    Emails are more targeted and effective at getting messages across in a business setting.
  • 5
    When I think about how successful I am at evaluating my team, my biggest problem is that

    I think I can tell when my team is doing well, but I am not always certain.
    I am not sure when my team is doing well, or whether individuals doing well is clouding my read.
    I do not have a way to regularly and effectively evaluate my team’s performance.
  • 6
    My Feedback Style:

    Providing regular feedback is great, but it is not usually one of my top priorities when getting things done.
    I provide specific feedback when I think it is necessary and constructive.
    Sometimes I provide feedback when a problem arises, but I generally allow team members to come to me with concerns.
  • 7
    My attitude towards team members’ individual career development:
    Individual career development is just that - in the hands of the individual.
    My team members’ individual career development is their own responsibility, isn’t it?
    I want to show my commitment to my team members’ individual development, but I am not sure how to convey that, or make it part of our work process.
  • 8
    Communicating with the Group

    I have trouble managing group communication to and within my team.
    I sometimes include everyone on my team on updates, instead of just the relevant members.
    I wait for team members to approach me with questions or problems.
  • 9
    Communication with Individuals or Subgroups

    I do not regularly meet with subgroups or one-on-one for localized check-ins.
    I am more comfortable with communicating with the whole group, and generally do so.
    I have trouble listening or sharing in one on one: if individuals have problems, they are welcome to come to me.
  • 10
    A manager's vision is their strategic overview of goals, progress and results.

    My vision for the team is communicated at the beginning of projects, or as needed.
    My vision for the team is flexible and occasionally, but not always, calls for member involvement and feedback.
    My vision for the team is clearest in my own head, and it’s fine if it stays that way.

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