What Super-villain Are You?

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What evil villain is most similar to you?

  • 1
    Your dream home is?
    A small room
    A computer
    A mansion
    A giant satellite
    A castle
  • 2
    Your nemesis has escaped your trap. What do you do?
    Let them go. They earned it.
    Loudly Curse them
    Stop them at all costs!
    Begin plotting their downfall - again
    Make a half-hearted attempt to stop them
  • 3
    What would you steal?
    Foreign dignitaries
    Money to build robots
  • 4
    Your ideal evil scheme is...
    Become the President and use your influence to defeat your enemies
    Launch your enemies into space and blow them up
    Kidnap your mother and drain her life force into a robot
    Drive your nemesis insane
    Hold the world hostage with a weapon of mass destruction
  • 5
    What is something good you have done?
    You are a humanitarian, when not scheming
    You reformed and became a hero
    You saved your enemy's life
    You give money to charity
    Accidentally created a heroic version of yourself
  • 6
    Your parents are...
    Not biologically related to you
    Dead from natural causes
    Also evil
    Think you are dead
  • 7
    For an evening out, you would...
    Play chess using your servants as playing pieces
    Eat at a gourmet restaurant
    Go out to dinner with an old friend
    Randomly kill people
  • 8
    Your nemesis is...
    Your father
    Your college rival and his family
    Your old friend from high school
    Your old friend and his students
    A rich guy
  • 9
    As a child, you were...
    A Genius
  • 10
    People describe you as...