Are you straight, bisexual, or gay?

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Answer honestly and find out what your true sexuality is...guys only.

  • 1
    Have you ever caught yourself thinking about a guy and get a hard on?
    Maybe a few times
    Pretty often actually
    Only when it was me screwing a girl
  • 2
    If you find yourself watching gay porn it is because...
    I can't find the remote and I'm to lazy to get up
    There's some pretty cute guys on there
    I get bored every now and then
  • 3
    You find yourself watching straight porn, it is because...
    It's the best thing ever invented
    The people are hot
    There's some sexy guys on there
  • 4
    You are walking through town and you catch a guy starring at you; you...
    Tell him to go f*** off
    Depends if he's hot or not
    Depends on my mood...maybe go flirt
  • 5
    Have you ever thought about screwing a guy?
    1 or 2 times
  • 6
    Some one questions your sexuality are you offended...
    No I know where I stand
  • 7
    Have you ever jerked off to gay porn...?
    Once or twice
  • 8
    Homosexuality good or bad?
    I couldn't care less
  • 9
    Do you think you are gay?
    F*** no
    I'm not sure
  • 10
    Why did you take this quiz?
    I'm not sure of my sexuality
    To see if it was the real deal
    I was bored

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Markk ( 55271 )
Posted 367 days ago
I think I might be gay. If I really am, how do I tell my wife?
Cindy ( 10424 )
Posted 486 days ago
Tommy Melvin joey if you had me you will be gay I will duck your lights out I have 💗's up to 12 inched long and wide as a horse and I would to use it up our butt I am not gay but would love to make love to a gay person or one who wants to have💗in his💗butt. When I get thrust your butt will hurt I will not use oil gasoline or lotions its better to let your own juices flow and loosen up that hole💗love in the raw no better way the smell aroma of body banging slaping the noise of love making and the screaming u will make as I put all 12 in in you after I work it in i will then let you do me the same way sorry I can not jerk off in your mouth as I am a girl I can sit on your mouth and let my juices flow done into your mouth while you sit on my 💗 and yes I will jerk you off while I 💗 hard and I will taste your com in my mouth when u explow in my face I promise all of you I
will be your man girl. A girl with a💗💗
leave answer
Joey ( 10424 )
Posted 486 days ago
Well I would like to try I can please you Tommy I make love have💗with guy all the time I want a virgin like you to break in you and I can do it with love music on oil lotion gasoline and I will wear a condon I will work it in slow easy after awhile we will have hard love making as u will want it that way from me I will please u with 9 in long 5 in wide u will become gay and tell the girls good bye and that tight but will be loose and hurting for a while we will have💗live fir hours before I finish and then you will do me ok leave answer here what to do next call me 606-344-6779 anytime u want to try
Tommy Smith ( 10424 )
Posted 486 days ago
I like to finger my but and put round stuff up it wide and long tools I love girls but I think of💗love with another man I had💗at 14 with my family member who was a boy he put it up my but and i liked it as the years went by since that three times we did it I am 40 yrs old now and I think back to that boy yrs and I get 💗 thinking about it up my but I want to try💗live with a man and see how it feels I really want a big round long one to try he has to take it easy with me because its so tight back there am I gay to think like this is it just a urge to try or am I 💗 for amen thing up me I want to try maybe I will like it and turn gay maybe not I need to try. Where would I find someone like that to teach me sex_ love who would take me and make love to me and not just duck me raw I want to feel it all the way up in my but hello I am 💗 for a man but I love it women. I jerk off years ago with broom sticks up my 💗but when I did drugs it really turned me on to screw love my self and jerk off in my mouth years ago now 30 yrs later I want to try and have💗live with a guy who knows how to please and take it nice and slow so I can enjoy it I willing to give blow job oral💗after it was up my but. Where do I go and find a man at it try me in a gay bar he might have aids I want a clean person to take time making love to me so I can then know if I want a man or I will take a girl who can have💗love with me young her💗tool up my but please help leave answer here so I can fill this urge to have live up my but and try to taste it in my my from a man or several if that is what it takes to get this done I want to try💗live with a man cause I am a man who wants to try this out I am tight back there now I will yes oil whatever to make it enjoyable I want to feel it nice and slow and carefully then I can tell the world if it was good or girls r better I do love💗making love with ladies girls I just want to try a guy
Melvin mcbride ( 82275 )
Posted 486 days ago
I had💗love with my brother who raped me in my butt I never had oral💗but I did have it in my but I was 12 and tell u the truth I really liked it am I gay I do love girls women and have💗with them I do think about a guy having💗with me who I do not know who can be gentle with me since I had 💗sex 30 years ago am I gay or a girl trapef in a means body I really get hard thinking of a guy doing it with me I have kids and a wife but I want to have💗with a man I think I would enjoy it I am excited now thing of it what's wrong with me I will not give blow job just take it up my but help leave answer
Melvin mcbride ( 82275 )
Posted 486 days ago
I got raped by my brother when I was 10 I am older and feel like I want to be screwed in my💗I am married and have kids and love girls but I remember💗with my brother and it felt good in my💗is that wrong I am not gay never had oral💗but I would love to have 💗sex with someone hot would be gentle I mean I really want it up my but bad while the guy jerks me off and then I want to do him the same way am I gay or bisexual or a girl traprd in a man boy body I think about💗with a guy but I love women is it because I was raped and now I remember how good it was in my 💗help what's wrong