Are You Fit To Be A Phantomhive Butler?

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See how you compare to Sebastian Michaelis, the REAL Phantomhive butler, in the test to see your true butler skills.

  • 1
    You’re serving dinner this evening for your master and his guest. Do you make preparations that would more suit your master or the guest?
    The guest, as it’s always best to show hospitality.
    Can’t they just take care of themselves?
    I would do something mainly for my master but then throw in a little something for the guest as well.
    Perhaps there’s a way to make them both happy? (I don't know, not a clue)
    My master, he matters most to me. He is who I serve.
  • 2
    The guest of the evening arrives. What do you do first?
    Greet the guest at the door and welcome him to the Phantomhive Manor.
    I’m busy, he should know how to open a door.
    Open the door and say “Come in” but then hurry off to finish my work.
    Meet the guest at his carriage, open the door for him, bring him to the front door, opening that for him as well; lead him upstairs to meet and greet with my master.
    Have one of the other servants greet him, I’m still busy making dinner.
  • 3
    This guest seems friendly enough, but he acts a little suspicious. Do you treat him any differently? If so, how?
    No; What do I care, my master can take care of himself.
    Yes; I’d tell the other servants to keep an eye on him for me.
    Yes; I would be sneaky and follow him like a shadow.
    No; He is my master’s guest. He would not be in the Phantomhive Manor if he was a threat.
    Yes; I’d keep calm and stay a bit closer to my master, protecting him.
  • 4
    The guest goes with your master to the conference room to play so chess. You come back to the kitchen to finish working, but then you find the maid has accidentally broken the China you were planning to use this evening. What do you do?
    Tell her it’s alright, no harm done.
    Sigh and ask her to clean it up.
    Tell her that she a nuisance and she is to stay out of my kitchen.
    Backhand her and yell profanity.
    Scowl at her until she leaves.
  • 5
    Yes, well that’s nice and fine, but what are you planning to do with the China?
    I bet the master won’t mind if his dinner is served on a paper plate….
    Use my super awesome skills with glue to fix the China. The master will never notice.
    Maybe if I run SUPER fast, I can get to the market and buy a new set….
    Umm…. *has no clue*
    Always keep a spare set.
  • 6
    It’s time for dinner. Who do you serve first?
    I just let everyone get their own food.
    The guest, because I want to show the best hospitality.
    The workers. Goes without saying they worked pretty hard.
    My master of course. What kind of silly question is that?
  • 7
    Are you serving dinner inside or outside?
    Inside, so that the guest can see how lovely the manor is.
    I let my master decide.
    Outside, so that the master can enjoy looking at his roses he so much adores.
    I let the guest decide.
    It all depends on the weather.
  • 8
    The master likes the tea, but your guest is questioning it’s quality. What do you do?
    Why must they be so picky!
    I don’t do anything because it’s not my problem.
    I apologize to the guest and bring him a different brand of tea while my master gets the same tea from before.
    I change nothing. If the master likes the tea, it’s most important that he’s happy.
    I change out the tea for something that perhaps they would both enjoy.
  • 9
    Dinner is over. What do you do first?
    I clean up the table.
    Pull my master’s chair back and let him up so that he may be excused before I start to clean.
    Umm…just stand there?
    Excuse myself because I am exhausted.
    Thank the guest for coming and make him leave.
  • 10
    When do you start preparing for the next day?
    When all my chores are done.
    The next morning.
    I don’t.
    When my master has been put to bed.
    Right then.

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shuzeda ( 43.80 )
Posted 340 days ago
Well i could get worse, however if Sebastian is proud then that must be worth something. Thank You i really enjoyed the test.