Lemonade Mouth

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"Poets. Geniuses. Revolutionaries. Lemonade Mouth has been called all of these." How well did you pay attention to the DCOM?"

  • 1
    Lemonade Mouth was adapted from a book by which author?
    Earnest Hemingway
    Mark Twain
    Mark Peter Hughes
    Tom Clancy
  • 2
    Mo plays bass for Lemonade Mouth, what instrument was she trained to play?
    Classic violin
  • 3
    What is the last thing Olivia has that belonged to her mother?
    A locket with a picture of them together
    Her cat
    Her guitar
    Her song book
  • 4
    What did Charlie's parents want him to do that his brother was good at?
    Get strait A's
    Run for School President
    Play drums
    Play soccer
  • 5
    What did Stella's shirt say that Principal Brenigan said crossed an invisible line?
    Question Authority
    Question Everything
    Question Adults
    Question Nothing
  • 6
    What did Wen do to get in detention?
    Yelled at his history teacher
    Disrupt the assembly
    Hit the couch with a soccer ball
    Skip class
  • 7
    What brand of lemonade was it that the band enjoyed?
    Lemonade Mouth
    Lemon joy
  • 8
    What is the name of the popular band that Lemonade Mouth opens for at the Halloween Bash?
    A cardboard box
    Downslide Crash
    Mudslide Crush
    Orange Crush
  • 9
    Where did Lemonade Mouth play that became a regular gig?
    The Apple Store
    Donte's Pizzeria
    Joe's Pool Hall
    Madison Square Garden
  • 10
    Where is Olivia's dad?
    In prison
    On a fishing boat in Alaska
    Nobody knows
  • 11
    How did Wen get his black eye?
    Stepped on a rake
    Charlie punched him
    He dropped a picture frame on his eye
    He was hit by a soccer ball
  • 12
    Who did Charlie have a crush on?
  • 13
    How high of a temperature did Mo have?
  • 14
    What did Stella's mom say when she picked her up from the jail?
    She had to quit the band
    She was the biggest disappointment in the family
    She was proud of her
    She was grounded for life
  • 15
    Where does the band play at the end of the movie?
    Yankee Stadium
    The Hollywood Bowl
    Madison Square Garden
    Las Vegas

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