What Voice Type Am I?

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Use this quiz to determine an approximate voice type for yourself.

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    How would you describe your tone?

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Malcolm Peoples (80317)
8 days ago
60% - Baritone
30% - Bass
10% - Tenor
LushesLuna (58276)
14 days ago
My vocal range is C3 -D5. I'm 12, the three things that mess up my singing is that my low notes are too airy and my posture is atrocious. Mainly because of my scoliosis but I have a brace for that problem. Third my breath support isn't the greatest either, Anyway, my results were:
60% - Baritone/mezzo
30% - Bass/Contralto
10% - Tenor/Soprano
Your Name Here (41858)
41 days ago
Result: Bass. Age: 12. Gender: Male. Lowest note I've made: G0. Totally Accurate.
Royale Garnet (28691)
42 days ago
My Results are: 50% Mezzo, 30% Soprano, 20% Contralto. This makes sense since my voice is closest to Beyonce. My range is (D2) E2-C6 (C7, D7, A8). I can go up to F5 in chest voice, mix my head and chest voice to sustain B5. Highest note I can go up to comfortably and most consistently in C6 which has a ringing vibrato to it. My low notes are heavy and dark like a blend of Annie Lennox and Martha Walsh going down to an E2 with resonance. My voice gets more power as I go higher, I just cannot hit high notes off the bat. I'm very fast and precise when it comes to riffs, runs and melisma up to C6. My whistle register is still too undeveloped. My A8 notes are a strained hit or miss.
Khanh Nguyen (49460)
48 days ago
My vocal range is C2 - G#4/A4 - G5, and I’m male. The test said i’m 50% Baritone, 40% Bass, 10% Tenor.
Owen-Ozzie (58435)
52 days ago
My vocal Range is A2-G#4-Eb6 and I am male. The test said that I am 50% tenor/soprano 40%baritone/mezzo-soprano, and 10% bass/contralto. I not really sure if this test is accurate.
Rowen (80276)
62 days ago
My vocal range is from C3-F6 and I am a male. So, it says that I am 40% tenor/soprano, 40% baritone/mezzo-soprano, 20% alto/bass. So the result is not really clear
Kennedi Smith (28945)
74 days ago
I am 50% soprano, 40% mezzo, and 10% bass
conn (76600)
100 days ago
the only thing i'm confused about is what do i actually fall under. A tenor usually has quite a short range, about c3 - b4. Whereas my range is f2 lowest, f4 middle, Ab5 highest.
I have such an odd range. I can sing higher than some girls that i sing with, and my voice has definitely dropped plenty!
Kennedi Smith (73597)
320 days ago
I am 40% mezzo, 30% soprano, and 20% bass
Minna (17325)
339 days ago
Apparently I'm part of the 17% that got bass and contralto. My voice is really high when I speak, although while singing my throat stings and strains too much when trying to hit the high notes. However, I can hit the low notes really well :)
Katie Cat Lady (82486)
339 days ago
My definite weakest point is the E to F above middle C, thats where I transition and I hate singing there. I cannot believe I got 40% mezzo. So not me, im a soprano for sure!!!!
Nat (42349)
378 days ago
It says here that i'm 0% Alto but in my school choir i sing Alto
emmanuel (00929)
817 days ago
how would i known my voice