Does my crush like me?

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Even though this quiz is not 100 percent accurate, no "does he like me" quiz is no matter how seemingly perfect, no question can delve into someone's thought and emotions and be correct every time. Everyone is unique. So although I would like to think of this as a very accurate quiz, even if this quiz tells you no there is still hope! This is not something that tells you what you want to hear, it tells what is probable. It is geared towards middle school girls who are not dating their crush, but if you change "he" to she anyone can use it!

  • 1
    Has he ever stared at you?
    No, and he doesn't know me at all
    Sometimes I catch him...
    No, but we know each other
  • 2
    How long does he talk to you?
    As long as he can while not seeming like a stalker
    A pretty short amount of time
    A fairly long time but he talks to his friends a lot too
    Not at all/ we don't know each other
  • 3
    Does he act the same around you as he does around his other friends?
    He only treats me a little different
    No, he acts shy around me and he is normally outgoing or vice-versa
    WE. ARE. NOT. FRIENDS! He doesn't know me...
  • 4
    Back to him staring at you... When you catch him how does he react?
    He doesn't stare...
    He looks into my eyes a long time and then peels his gaze away from me
    He stares a second or two longer and then blushes and looks down
    He was probably looking at the girl next to me/ ignores me
  • 5
    Halfway done... Is he available?
    No, but he says he doesn't like he anymore
    Yes, but he just broke up
    No, and they are really good for each other.:(
    Yes, he is single!
  • 6
    What is his posture like when you talk to him?
    Everything but his palms are facing towards me and he doesn't lean forward
    We don't talk! How many times do I have to say it?
    His arms are crossed but he is a good listener
    Everything is facing towards me and he is leaning forwards like a good listener
  • 7
    What part of you is he looking at when you talk to him?
    Eyes and lips
    We don't talk!
    Lips and chest
    My eyes...:)
  • 8
    Have his friends ever made random comments like, "Look at the cute couple!" or similar?
    We don't talk! Yet again I have to tell you this!
    Jokingly, but yes
  • 9
    If you answered yes in any way to the previous question, how did HE react?
    Smirked and said that they had gone coo-coo
    Blushed and said, well maybe....
    Blushed and didn't answer, but he looked at you
    I answered no.
  • 10
    FILLER QUESTION!(don't you love them?). My have some relevance... What kind of ace in a deck of cards is his favorite?

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Jaylene ( 02537 )
Posted 341 days ago
He likes this girl named jasmine just because her eyes and I am upset but he stares at me laughs at my jokes last time he felled on top of me and he started to flirt and he picked me up and last time he almost kissed me because he felled again on me and almost touched my lips so just help me and he sometimes hate me help me.
The girl that no where goes right for ( 56867 )
Posted 347 days ago
Huh ok , :( we're just friends. ;(
??? ( 98235 )
Posted 619 days ago
I hope your right and thx if you are.
Bob ( 76950 )
Posted 631 days ago
Yay :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)