Does your crush really like you? (guys only)

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I'm a girl and I've had crushes, so I know how we act. Is she giving you mixed signals? Is she just a friend? Is she into you? Does she like you back?

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    When was the last time she talked to you?
    2-6 days
    7-14 days
    Never or more than 14 days
    1 day

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Natty ( 1.134 )
Posted Yesterday
This is fake, she likes me, she told me because on
This I got a "She doesnt like you" FAKE
Ian ( 6.205 )
Posted 13 days ago
This works the next day I used the info it gave me and know we are a couple
Gavin Frum Schoo ( 161.5 )
Posted 25 days ago
This test is BS literally 5 minutes after this my crush told me se likes me๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
Anonymous ( 60.75 )
Posted 41 days ago
The question about if I know where she lives, she kinda lives right next to me.
... ( 2.224 )
Posted 64 days ago
It said that my crush doesn't even want to be my friend, even though she's my female best mpfriend, and I am pretty sure she likes me.
Uncertain ( .7.99 )
Posted 65 days ago
Well mine was "She's giving mixed signal and not sure if you like her" I'm a girl taking this from my crushes point on view so i definetely relate
Hola ( 39.24 )
Posted 68 days ago
Took this as a chick from the POV of the guy I like... "She's not into you"

But then again I'm trying to be discreet so I guess it's working.... I'm really shy xD
Nun ya ๐Ÿ˜‹ ( 7.221 )
Posted 83 days ago
This quiz is BS. I'm actually a girl trying to do it from my crush
point of view. I am seriously in love with him. His name is
Jeremiah ๐Ÿ’•. When I took this test it says 'She is not into you
at all...some girls are different. They would ignore their crush
To make it seem like they don't like them. I talk from experience
A Person ( 1.110 )
Posted 85 days ago
...she doesn't hate me but it says she does and I know she doesn't... :( lies
Young khalifa..(indian) from Nagaland ( 1.103 )
Posted 92 days ago
Huh..what a lame quiz,you know those questions and the options too are awfully hopeless..i know,i have a feeling she likes me..but here what it said was 'she is not into me at all'..!! Please stop this,its just a wastage of time
Ally ( 51.87 )
Posted 99 days ago
I like him!
It says I just want to be his friend.
EvergreenHazelnut ( 71.83 )
Posted 100 days ago
This quiz is wrong! I actually am a girl and I'm taking this quiz from my crush's point of view. I like him a LOT.. But it says that she is not into you at all?
poop ( 62.53 )
Posted 100 days ago
i am not sure id dis is correct
Emma ( 4.186 )
Posted 104 days ago
I toke this from my crush's point of view and I really like him and it said I don't like him?!
Meg ( 5.192 )
Posted 107 days ago
i did this and it says he likes me but I know he doesn't
abc123 ( 5.229 )
Posted 116 days ago
I am a girl and took the test as though I was the boy I like and I answered the questions correctly and the results said I didn't like him. This is obviously not true because I do.
no name ( 6.130 )
Posted 123 days ago
I am a girl and I took the test and I basically was going to say what Dylan said, but I just need to add that the quiz needs more detailed questions like how do her friends act when they see you and her together? do they giggle. Do they just walk up to you guys and talk along, or others, something like that.
Dylan ( 5.239 )
Posted 124 days ago
I am a girl and I took this test, it was right but asked you the wrong questions.
Bryn ( 26.69 )
Posted 126 days ago
I am a girl and k took it and it said that I don't even
Know he exists and i have a major crush on him!
Cheryl ๐Ÿ‘ ( 64.15 )
Posted 132 days ago
I am a girl, I tries this with my crush to see if he will know I like him or no. It syas that I just want to be friend with him even though i have a major crush on him