Does your crush really like you? (guys only)

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I'm a girl and I've had crushes, so I know how we act. Is she giving you mixed signals? Is she just a friend? Is she into you? Does she like you back?

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    When was the last time she talked to you?

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Jakob (23931)
63 days ago
and BTW your quiz only says 40%
Jakob (23931)
63 days ago
Im pretty sure your quiz is inaccurate... It said she just wants to bbe friends! I only took this quiz to make sure. In real life, her 2 bestfriends have told me that she likes me and that I need to ask her to a school dance, also my friend was bugging her about liking me and she never denied it, ALSO, at a school dance she was crying when I didnt ask her to dance and she was pissed off when I danced with another girl (IM NOT A JERK, I ASKED HER TO DANCE AFTER AND IT MADE HER HAPPY)
bipper (12169)
65 days ago
Some of these questions are inaccurate. I was taking this quiz "as my crush and I absolutely love him so yeah. And some of these questions don't need to be there or should have any effect on your results outcome. There also need to be a few more options for certain questions.
Joel (85189)
70 days ago
The second one I think was wrong because it said she's not into me at all! I think she at least wants to be friends soo..
Joel (85189)
70 days ago
I'm doing this for two girls actually to see which one to choose lol for the first one I got "she is giving u mixed signals"eyyy
Hailey (30022)
74 days ago
I’m a girl and I did this on how u act in front of my crush and it says i don’t like him
In confused❤️❤️
Whatever (14351)
80 days ago
I have a crush that is in my school she may like cause her friends start talking when they see me and acts weird when she sees me like is talking and then stops though the test results were not good.
Lasie (70701)
88 days ago
Ok I'm a girl and I put in what I do to my bff (he's a boy ) who likes me and it said I hate his guts and he is my bft! ):
Aidan (24347)
91 days ago
And this girl isn't Hallee. I have no idea who that is. I will only say she has brown hair, brown eyes, and is a very beautiful girl. She LOVES basketball and so do I.
Aidan (24347)
91 days ago
I love this girl! I always did. It's a long story how we met. In kindergarten, we were in the same school and church. But in 3rd grade, we both moved to a different school and in 6th grade, now, I always had a place for her in my heart, and at lunch, I could always tell she was giving me hints that she wanted to do something. I talk to her a lot in the hallway and she does too. She also knows basically my whole school schedule and I only know one of her classes. We have no classes together sadly, I wished though. She knows my family well and my family know her well. They want us to be together and I bet she wouldn't mind! I don't at least. I hope we could eventually date, maybe even kiss...
Audrey (67952)
93 days ago
good luck to every boy who is taking this test! Although I can say I don’t do some of these to my crush, this kinda helps. Good luck!
Noob (56992)
95 days ago
And privately messaged me I like you
Noob (56992)
95 days ago
Plus she stares at me a lot
Noob (56992)
95 days ago
Me again plus she told my I'm root nice and I said the samenthing back then coincidentally we sent happy emojis at the time then both said thank you at the same time
Noob (56992)
95 days ago
Not sure test says 60 percent very nice to me we chat now and then hope she likes me I think she does cause once she fell down the fell on me an hugged me
Another time we were sitting down in the assembly hall and she put her hand on mine then once apparently kissed my one the cheek when no one was looking quickly then ran to her friends then winked at me I blushed and so did she so probably yes
Tylet (96838)
96 days ago
I think she likes me, but the test says maybe. She is always herself and nice around me and we play around a lot. I think she knows I like her but idk for sure. Hopefully I can get to her after thanksgiving break....
Ella (41973)
97 days ago
My crush idk if he likes me but he is a goof ball UGH I think he likes someone else
Bob (19494)
98 days ago
I am a guy. All my friends think that my crush likes me back, but i'm not sure. Also, i think that my crush knows i like her. Should I make a move?
Jesse (83953)
99 days ago
First of all i'm a boy. I just confessed to my crush that I love her,and she said she loved me back. Even though she was blushing a hello ton. Then after that we made out. Trust me, it works.
Hallee (76224)
100 days ago
I am a girl these are the ways that you can tell that I lIke Aidan
I blush
It's obvious
I laugh
We pass notes
Plus I told him that I like him
Here is some advice just go for your crush