Does your crush really like you? (guys only)

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I'm a girl and I've had crushes, so I know how we act. Is she giving you mixed signals? Is she just a friend? Is she into you? Does she like you back?

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    When was the last time she talked to you?
    7-14 days
    1 day
    2-6 days
    Never or more than 14 days

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DYLAN ( 56317 )
Posted 372 days ago
I am a girl, and I took this, but I am still not sure if I like him.
Josh.SWIM ( 43278 )
Posted 378 days ago
I got a 60% but then again I see her every day for at least two hours. She also comes to my house a lot because my sister is one of her best friends. I really like her and she has hinted at the topic of liking me. We also have a lot in common because we both are on BCH swim team and got to Miller, and have older siblings, and a lot more. I have liked her for what?... Four or five years now, and we've known each other for 10 or 11 years.
Freindzoned ( 69606 )
Posted 390 days ago
It said she wants to be freinds. Im just going to cut myself since i relly really love this girl
That lonely kid ( 66250 )
Posted 401 days ago
Well a two year crush just went down the drain :'(
Sarah ( 98335 )
Posted 410 days ago
I am a girl and i have a HUGE crush on this guy and the test said i dont like him
Secret Music Player ( 21432 )
Posted 420 days ago
She has a Relation on me but my results are so low. I even care about me. Don't know if she likes(loves) me. By the way i don think she care about this week. I really liked her so much.I hate this one day that my friend don't join me to their group then i heard that she has crush on other,I felt hopeless and then her crush said "yes" with a less energy. I really feeling depressed with all my struggles in my life, with her smiles in my face,I really feeled suicidal. I think im not talking to my friends and my crush first , maybe they will spoil me to death. Hope i get really better soon
Justin ( 18652 )
Posted 427 days ago
There's this one girl who flirts with me and I don't know if she is joking or actually likes me I'm friends with her friends but in this past week we've talked almost 2 hours a day I got 40% and will ask her out once I get to know her more
Sire ( 35718 )
Posted 444 days ago
I will ask out my crush on Friday after football practice her name is vana
AlexLegendsYT ( 28538 )
Posted 455 days ago
well my crush i didn't get a SHE LUVS U ULTRA HARCORE! no......... im gonna make her like MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Unidentifided ( 61997 )
Posted 463 days ago
I just noticed I have the same percentage next to our names as the person under my comment.
Unidentifided ( 61997 )
Posted 463 days ago
I will ask my crush out on her birthday as my gift and her name is Victoria.
Anonymous ( 61997 )
Posted 463 days ago
I got 33% and now I will start being with her a lot more and start touching her too. Thanks quiz!
Idk ( 08910 )
Posted 464 days ago
I got nothing good ;-(
Angel ( 86368 )
Posted 467 days ago
I answered all by the truth and I got a 96% and I asked her out and she said yes thank u quiz ig
Bob ( 06767 )
Posted 470 days ago
I didnt know how to answer #1 I took this on summer vacation, I talked to her every day in school so im saying 1 day I don't know if this is a bad decision, I hope not.
Yumi ( 15469 )
Posted 474 days ago
LOLLL! I did this and I'm a girl! It said I only want to be his friend! I'm trying to get out of the friend zone!! XD
Cody ( 33164 )
Posted 476 days ago
It worked just fine. I manned up and did what it told me to do and we love each other. We are a couple.
Natty ( 94949 )
Posted 481 days ago
This is fake, she likes me, she told me because on
This I got a "She doesnt like you" FAKE
Ian ( 83373 )
Posted 493 days ago
This works the next day I used the info it gave me and know we are a couple
Gavin Frum Schoo ( 84502 )
Posted 505 days ago
This test is BS literally 5 minutes after this my crush told me se likes me😊😊