Are you crushing?

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Many of these tests say what you want to hear no matter what, but this test is as accurate as my experience can provide!:)

  • 1
    You _ _ _ _ him
  • 2
    He passes by in the hallway. You-
    Smile and wave at him in the hopes of striking up a conversation
    Try to ignore him
    Give a shy smile in his direction
    Walk over flirtatiously and begin a length conversation over how hot it is
  • 3
    Do you hang out with the same people?
    All the time! We are so CLOSE!
    No. Who cares about his friends? I just want HIM!
  • 4
    You've known each other for...
    Not long, but what does that matter?
    2-3 years
    Hardly any time, but I wish it was none
    Almost all our lives
  • 5
    You get nervous when...
    He tries to talk to me.
    He talks to you alone.
    You don't know how you look around him.
    He talks to you in front of friends.
  • 6
    The best thing about him is-
    That he leaves me alone mostly
    His personality
    His BODY!
    His face
  • 7
    Would you flirt with him in front of his girlfriend?
    Maybe... ;)
    Wow. Didn't know he could GET one of those.
    Oh. He has a girlfriend?
    Of course! I deserve him!
  • 8
    When assigned to the same group as him for a school assignment, your reaction would be-
    Roll my eyes and ignore him to the best of my ability.
    Start a conversation when the work begins
    Smile and wave from across the room
    Sit next to him during the project and work the flirt as much as possible!
  • 9
    Have you gone out with him?
    Yes. And I would again.
    No. But I think I would.
    Yes. Things didn't end well... >:-
    Maybe. I can't remember. But I know I would if I had the chance!
  • 10
    This test was-
    Regardless. I know he wants me.
    A joke