Roundhouse Quiz!

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This quiz is based on six episodes of season one of the Nickelodeon television series "Roundhouse".

  • 1
    In "The Clock Strikes Back", Natalie Nucci says they're going through a whole year in how long?
    24 minutes and 38 seconds
    26 minutes and 38 seconds
    23 minutes and 38 seconds
    25 minutes and 38 seconds
  • 2
    Which "company" made the Sympathizer?
  • 3
    Fill in the blank: "This is a new one from _______! It's called 'Be A Rebel'."
    The Dudes
    Rebel Records
    Send In The Clones
    The Dudettes
  • 4
    In "TV On Trial", Julene Renee does an aerobics program. What is the "name" on the letter she reads off?
    Bent Into A Pretzel
    Twisted Sister
    Twisted Into A Pretzel
    Needing A Crowbar
  • 5
    During the Sufferin sketch, what band does Dominic Lucero ask about whether they've broken up?
    Guns N Roses
  • 6
    During the episode "New Kid In Town", what pop group was poked fun at?
    New Kids On The Block
    Backstreet Boys
    Jackson 5
  • 7
    What is the name of the band geek that New Kid befriends in his nightmare?
  • 8
    What's the name of the substitute in "School Daze"?
    Mr. David
    Miss Riker
    Mr. Mense
    Ms. Callow
  • 9
    With the Stash-matic Adjustable Bed, Julene Renee says you get a free gift. Who got the 8-track player?
    Dominic Lucero
    Mark David
    Micki Duran
    Ivan Dudynsky
  • 10
    During "First Date", one of the TV bits, David Sidoni says "Next on Empty-V, ____ Unplugged". Who was performing?
    The Dudes
    The Band
    Paula Abdul
  • 11
    During the Halloween sketch in the episode "The Clock Strikes Back", Dominic Lucero says, "Here's a cabinet full of weapons! Chainsaw, hand grenade, flamethrower... Oh! _____" What is the last thing he says?
    Baseball bat
  • 12
    "He's a ninja, she's a nun and they're both ______"?
    Dog catchers
  • 13
    "Dear blank, what's up? Not much here. I am so bored. Can't wait to go to lunch/my next class/home. Oh well, teacher's looking, gotta go. Write back or else! Love, Blank." What's the P.S. say?
    P.S.: What did you get on that test?
    P.S.: Blank likes you
    P.S.: What did you get for number four?
    P.S.: Blank hates you
  • 14
    What do the Dudes declare the Girl to be in "First Date"?
    Awesome, dude!
    Totally dude-ical!
    Totally lame!
    Fully lame!
  • 15
    "You wouldn't know cool if it walked up to you and whizzed on your shoe!" Who looks down at his own feet during that line?
    Seymour Willis Green
    Ivan Dudynsky
    Dominic Lucero
    Mark David

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