Do You Have A Paranormal Power?

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You may be developing some type of power, or already have one. Take this quiz to find out!

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Some girl (39244)
4 days ago
I got that I could feel emotions, just sometimes I feel sad for no reason. But I also noticed I could"stretch" things out. Like if I look at the door knob, it suddenly gets wider and wider, but no one else can see it. Maybe this is true, but I doubt it. It's probably in my messed up head!
Christopher (99523)
6 days ago
Sometime s I can be laying down relaxed and hear people talking, like there's a TV on. I get up look around the house and nobody's there.
sheila__the girl whisperer (59905)
7 days ago
i can here thoughts
knight (19384)
12 days ago
I got 30% for telling the future and I think it might be right because I dream of thing and they can true the next day.
Kayley (03351)
19 days ago
this is weird i got 30% tell the future and 30% sense spirits! I do these both kraykray bro
Marci (82347)
28 days ago
You know what, that actually makes sense (I got the result answer that i could move objects with my mind)! I once put down a cup of water, and when i reached for it, it had moved farther away!
NatureLover (58563)
39 days ago
Do You Have A Paranormal Power?

For 30 % you are: You can or have the potential of being able to predict the future. Next time a sudden thought pops into your head, jot it down it may come true! Oh, and if you dream up and numbers, BUY A LOTTO TICKET!
25 % of 28370 Quiz participants had this profile!

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You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: You can or have the potential of reading the thoughts of others around you. If you ever say 'What did you say?' after hearing something, and they answer 'no' chances are you heard a thought!

Wow its true...
Blue (13564)
48 days ago
I got predicting the future and it's actually true. Last year I felt like someone was going to die, and two months later I found out the evening I got that feeling, my long distance boyfriend was hit by a car and was killed.

It's kinda messed up, but at least I can tell people to be careful when something's wrong
iba (02082)
48 days ago
the Bible said we are created in God's image so we would definitely have superpower. Even Christ used the word it shall be according to your faith. Faith come s by hearing the word of God
Aaryansh (11865)
88 days ago
This is interesting it really works I could make things move this power is legendary on this screen you will see it is just rare but only I am able in the universe Thanks for telling that I am most powerful in the universe
Awkward Potato (95070)
88 days ago
Ok. I was in art class and was sitting on my hands, little did I know energy was building up there. I soon felt as if something was consuming my body completely. Now I can connect to other people's energy.
Jaelyn (06217)
98 days ago
I actually can sense emotions, I've been doing this ever since I was little. I asked my dad and he said he can as well so I might have inherited it from him. I have also heard the thoughts of other people before, I heard my former friend's thoughts about my boyfriend and immediately broke off my friendship with her because she didn't like that I had fallen in love "too young" or "too quickly" or whatever...I have also felt weird presences near me while sleeping or even just during the day.
Lisa (35801)
100 days ago
It was interesting I just did this quizz for fun, but when I read the part that I can sense spirit and I have and do, it was weird to say the least ..
Thank you
TheDemonUnicorn (89758)
105 days ago
Sometimes when I go to sleep and my dreams end up me dying which is weird but ever since I was 11yrs old my dreams would predict what would happen the next day. And it always seems to happen I told my mom about it but she never believes me like as if she was keeping a secret from me
DuskDino (28309)
144 days ago
A weird thing has been happening to me a lot. Sometimes when I'm doing something random I know I haven't done before I feel like I went through this turn of events already for only a few seconds but then I forget what I felt I did this before on. It's strange but I don't think it's a superpower
yogesh 9978545865 (73259)
149 days ago
I have super powers : one day I had listen about pyrokinesis I had
tried it that day itself and it happen in just 3 to 4 times I started to control
fire in my hand
How to control (96861)
248 days ago
Also I have extrodanary memory but can't remember anything before age 4. I have vivid memory's however of seeing some kind of demon and a dragon. Demon was black as night and dragon was pure light.
How to control (96861)
248 days ago
I have been seeing strange things lately. I see things from the future but when I actually see them I forget I saw. I am always filled with adrenaline and I can feel things when I am sleeping. Wind calms when I am around it and rain sometimes doesn't hit me. I have almost been struck by lightning twice and never been traumatized by it. Please help me find how to control.
Tyler burnett (84323)
250 days ago
My power can be scary at times i am starting to move things with my mind I can read everyone mind in the world for example I told my friend about this one day and he said prove to me so I said ok guess his favorite is singer favorite person and i had only know him for couple months so I didn't know anything about him
find me my name CYH (12587)
253 days ago
my 'superpower' i think i can know everythingt i wanna know, its called Inherit Omnisciece.idk and idc got to Sg if ur really one of us