What's your personality?

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Ever wondering what kind of person you are? Well now get an idea of what kind of person people see you, even if you don't notice it about yourself.

  • 1
    If you saw an abandoned puppy dirty, and looking sad, what would you do?
    Go up to it and snicker and just walk away not caring
    Even though you can't do anything you still wish the best of it
    Stop, pick it up, and find it a good home or an animal shelter
  • 2
    There is a new girl in your school. It's two terms into the school year and everyone is being mean to him/her. You are popular, what do you do?
    You are not mean to the girl/boy, but you are not nice to her either, you just stay away
    Even though you are popular, you are nice, and you show her around
    You are the mean type of popular and you are the start of the rudeness towards the new girl/boy
  • 3
    It is recess time at school or just at a local playground. Someone gets hurt on something there and they are there alone. What would you do then?
    You don't ask to help or she is OK you just snicker from afar
    You right away go up to him/her and ask if they are OK and see if they need us to help them
    You ask if she/he is OK but you don't offer to help
  • 4
    You are at the store and you see the perfect pair of sunglasses. There is only one pair and just as you start to reach for them, someone else grabs them. What would you do?
    You don't make a scene and let them have the pair of glasses
    You rip them right out of the other person's hands and tell them very rudely that they belong to you even though you did not buy them yet
    You tell the person in a kind of tone voice that you were going to purchase them and ask for them
  • 5
    There is a karaoke night at a restaurant and you were the best one there. There is a last minute entry. The girl/boy stinks and everyone starts laughing. What would you do?
    You be nice and clap for them
    You KNOW you are way better than him/her and you start to boo really loudly
    You sink in your chair with an encouraging look but you don't clap
  • 6
    A little child is selling money to give to the homeless. When you walk by what do you do?
    You really want to buy some but you can't afford it even though you want to
    You stop at the lemonade stand and tell the kid, "Your lemonade stand is pointless."
    You stop and buy some lemonade
  • 7
    Memorial Day is coming up and you have three people in your family who have died in the war. What do you do?
    You get bundles of flowers and put them on their gravestones
    You get one rose and out it on one of the three gravestones
    You think, "Hey there are still wars going on, you didn't do much."
  • 8
    Say you are a famous dancer. Your maid, she watches you dance everyday. One day there is a dance competition and she beats you. How do you handle this?
    You stomp your foot but don't make a scene
    You congratulate her/him and leave quietly
    You get up in her face and fire her because you are so mad
  • 9
    If you had the chance, would you volunteer to build houses for the homeless?
    If I had the time...
    No way! I don't want to ruin my manicure!
    Of course!
  • 10
    Would you donate some of your own food to the hungry?
    Hey! I need food too ya know!

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