What Do The Harry Potter Characters Think Of You?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Draculaura - Developed on: - 91.975 taken - User Rating: 3.52 of 5.0 - 44 Votes

This Is An AWESOME quiz!

  • 1
    What Describes You Best?
  • 2
    What House Would You Be In?
  • 3
    Who Is Your Dream Date?
  • 4
    Role-Play Time: Harry Potter Starts To SNOG You In The Common Room Late At Night. What Is Your Reaction?
  • 5
    Who is your favorite character?
  • 6
    Harry Potter vs. Draco Malfoy?
    Who Would Win?
  • 7
    What IS Your Favorite Pastime?
  • 8
    I HAVE to ask, Fave Color?
  • 9
    How Was This Test?
  • 10
    Who IS The Best Writer Out Of These.

Comments (21)


Draco Malfoy lover (62300)
6 hours ago
How could uuuuu😂😂
Just a random Draco fan.. (83005)
18 days ago
:O how dare you leave out my senpia!!!!
Person who likes Draco Malfoy (68443)
23 days ago
You are so mad.Have u finished the series properly.This quiz is Terrible
Yobabe (54331)
36 days ago
For40% you are: you are in slytherin griffindors all hate you your bf is Draco
U do not usually talk
Snog a lot
Mrs malfoy (01566)
41 days ago
Hey, if you want a hottie. Look up Dan Stevens. He is British, intelligent, and really good looking. Plus he has the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen. He can act. He can ballroom dance. He can sing too. He is kind and loves kittens. I looovvveeee hhiiimmmmm so dearly.
Mrs. Malfoy (01566)
41 days ago
In my opinion on looks (according to the movie) here are the hottest: HARRY gets first place. DRACO gets second. ( I love him) CEDRIC ( may he Rest In Peace) is third. Neville ( aka Matthew Lewis, is hot now. Look him up ladies.) he is fourth. And Ron............he gets the last place. I like some of his personality, I'm just being honest on looks.
Mrs. Malfoy (01566)
41 days ago
Took it again, ( I lied on a few questions just to see) every gryffindor hates me, and I'm dating Draco. We don't talk much. We mainly make out. Good enough for me!!! Lol who agrees??!
Mrs malfoy (01566)
42 days ago
Draco said my body was carved by the lord. I'm dying right now.
melody (93170)
69 days ago
great quiz
Mariaevergreen (39215)
88 days ago
Yeah thanks 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Lindsay Malfoy (93916)
91 days ago
*Sarcastic* Best test ever. Not biased against Slytherins or Draco at all
Hazelle Malfoy (93916)
91 days ago
You are very mean to Draco! He is WAY better than Harry. I had to gag when the only choice was Harry.
Malfoys better than all of you (45803)
182 days ago
Hey author you got some problems cause Dracos 50 times better than Harry well ever be.
Hermione Jean Granger (89513)
194 days ago
Okay I like this question:
Who is your dream date?
Harry potter
Terry boot
Cedric diggory
Draco malfoy (me: if you pick this then you have some problems)
Yeah if you pick malfoy you clearly aren't showing any signs of intelligence.
Ginevra Weasley (89513)
194 days ago
Malfoy is in a teen foot radius of me... Oh no... Wait! I know some good spells! Reducto! Hahaha, I hate malfoy.
Hermione.equivalent (35748)
202 days ago
Oh now when I post random lies the test says malfoy hates me this is better if malfoy won't avada kedavra himself he should call Voldemort with a silent t at the end of his name no I'm not afraid to say Voldemort well I'll make him call Voldemort to do it for him
Draco Malfoy (35748)
202 days ago
I WILL NOT AVADA KEDAVRA MYSELF IS THIS FILTHY MUGGLE CONTRAPTION STILL ON CAPS LOCK I GIVE UP I CAN'T PASS THE MUGGLE TECHNOLOFY TEST NO MUDBLOOD HERMIONE I AM NOt stupid hey it worked how do I capitalize my name on this darn thing it won't capitalize the d in draco or the m in malfoy
Hermione.equivalent (35748)
202 days ago
Okay Harry likes me Ron fainted because I hugged him Hermione is my best friend this next part is wrong because I hate draco but he might like me Luna is my friend Cho hates me a lot because I got harry I still hate draco still hate him my opinion on him is still negative when can I sectumsempra him like harry how many times do I have to say I hate him before he avada kedavras himself
Don't tell Hermione I forgot my punctuation she'll kill me
Abbey Weasley 😜 (13356)
316 days ago
Harry: SH-sh-sh I-I-I-I-I'm in love
Ron: fainted because you gave him a hug and said he was great
Hermione: She is so cool we are BFFs.
Draco: Her body was carved by the lord
Pansy: we are through Draco
Luna: Very nice
Cho: Harry loves her and not me. I Hate Her!
Lily Hermione (27147)
447 days ago
"Your results were not clear." I'm sorry? LOL