What Do The Harry Potter Characters Think Of You?

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This Is An AWESOME quiz!

  • 1
    What Describes You Best?
    Shy And Sweet
    Brave And Daring
    Sly And Cruel
    Smart And Pretty
  • 2
    What House Would You Be In?
  • 3
    Who Is Your Dream Date?
    Draco Malfoy( Me: If You Pick This Then You Have Some Problems)
    Harry Potter
    Terry Boot
    Cedric Diggory
  • 4
    Role-Play Time: Harry Potter Starts To SNOG You In The Common Room Late At Night. What Is Your Reaction?
    Giggle when he is done and run to your dormitory.
    KISS HIM BACK! ( Me: THIS is the right choice)
    Tell Him That You Have A BF.
    Push Him Away.
  • 5
    Who is your favorite character?
    Cho Chang
    Hannah Abott
    Pansy Parkinson
    Hermione Granger
  • 6
    Harry Potter vs. Draco Malfoy?
    Who Would Win?
  • 7
    What IS Your Favorite Pastime?
    Helping People.
  • 8
    I HAVE to ask, Fave Color?
  • 9
    How Was This Test?
    It Was Okay
    TERRIBLE (Me: I Spent a lot of time making this) cough snobby cough
    It Was Good:)
  • 10
    Who IS The Best Writer Out Of These.
    J.K. Rowling
    J.K. Rowling
    J.K. Rowling
    J.K. Rowling

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Malfoys better than all of you ( 45803 )
Posted 56 days ago
Hey author you got some problems cause Dracos 50 times better than Harry well ever be.
Hermione Jean Granger ( 89513 )
Posted 67 days ago
Okay I like this question:
Who is your dream date?
Harry potter
Terry boot
Cedric diggory
Draco malfoy (me: if you pick this then you have some problems)
Yeah if you pick malfoy you clearly aren't showing any signs of intelligence.
Ginevra Weasley ( 89513 )
Posted 67 days ago
Malfoy is in a teen foot radius of me... Oh no... Wait! I know some good spells! Reducto! Hahaha, I hate malfoy.
Hermione.equivalent ( 35748 )
Posted 75 days ago
Oh now when I post random lies the test says malfoy hates me this is better if malfoy won't avada kedavra himself he should call Voldemort with a silent t at the end of his name no I'm not afraid to say Voldemort well I'll make him call Voldemort to do it for him
Draco Malfoy ( 35748 )
Posted 75 days ago
I WILL NOT AVADA KEDAVRA MYSELF IS THIS FILTHY MUGGLE CONTRAPTION STILL ON CAPS LOCK I GIVE UP I CAN'T PASS THE MUGGLE TECHNOLOFY TEST NO MUDBLOOD HERMIONE I AM NOt 💗 hey it worked how do I capitalize my name on this darn thing it won't capitalize the d in draco or the m in malfoy
Hermione.equivalent ( 35748 )
Posted 75 days ago
Okay Harry likes me Ron fainted because I hugged him Hermione is my best friend this next part is wrong because I hate draco but he might like me Luna is my friend Cho hates me a lot because I got harry I still hate draco still hate him my opinion on him is still negative when can I sectumsempra him like harry how many times do I have to say I hate him before he avada kedavras himself
Don't tell Hermione I forgot my punctuation she'll kill me
Abbey Weasley 😜 ( 13356 )
Posted 189 days ago
Harry: SH-sh-sh I-I-I-I-I'm in love
Ron: fainted because you gave him a hug and said he was great
Hermione: She is so cool we are BFFs.
Draco: Her body was carved by the lord
Pansy: we are through Draco
Luna: Very nice
Cho: Harry loves her and not me. I Hate Her!
Lily Hermione ( 27147 )
Posted 320 days ago
"Your results were not clear." I'm sorry? LOL
Katerina Daris ( 33802 )
Posted 459 days ago
I am in Gryffindor and I am making the 3 best friends in Hogwarts 4!