Are You Obsessed With Your Crush?

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All girls have crushes. They have one guy at some point in their life that they like as more than a friend. This happens to all females at some point. Some girls just say, “Oh, yeah, he’s cute.” But others are totally obsessed. If you’re a girl who has a crush but don’t really know how you feel about him, take this quiz. Girls only.

  • 1
    Your crush is:

    A boy I know really well or a friend
    A celebrity
    A boy I met but don’t really know
    A boy I just saw and thought he was the one for me
  • 2
    You see your crush somewhere when you’re with a friend. What do you do?
    Start whispering to my friend and point at him. If he looks at me, giggle and wave.
    Go over, say hi, and start a conversation. I know him
    Faint or die
    Shut up and don’t speak until I am way far away from him
  • 3
    It’s lunchtime. Your friends are sitting down at one table and your crush is at another. You sit:
    Have a really good time with my friends. Ignore my crush.
    With my crush, but die when he ignores me
    Beg my friends to come sit with my crush and when they do, have a really good time.
    Switch off. Friends one day, crush the next
  • 4
    Who knows about your crush?
    No one at all
    Family, a few close friends, a few not-so-close friends
    My family and close friends
    Anyone and everyone
    Just my diary
  • 5
    Say you hated some food and your crush loved it. Do you eat just to be like him?
    Only when he or his friends are around
    Totally! Not only will I eat it, but also it will become my favorite food of all time.
    If the food is something I absolutely HATE, then no, but if it is something that I just don’t really like, then I’ll give it another try.
    No way! I’m not sacrificing my likes for some boy!
  • 6
    You see him chatting with another girl. What do you do?

    See who it is and what she’s doing. It might be his sister and she might be asking him something, it might be a girl in his math class wanting to know the homework, it might be your worst enemy and she’s flirting with him. Then decide what to do.
    Go over, say hi, and pull him away from her (or at least join the conversation)
    Nothing, why should I care?
    Nothing then, but later scream at the girl
    Faint or die or other
  • 7
    Are your friends his friends & vice versa?
    Yeah, totally, we always all hang out together.
    NO WAY!
    I don’t even know them
    I totally hate his friends and he totally loves mine or vice versa
    Kind of or other
  • 8
    So he shows up at your house. What do you do?
    “Why the freak are you here!”
    Get someone else to get the door but talk to him
    Go change your outfit to the cutest thing you have, apply a fresh coat of lip-gloss, answer the door, ask what he wants, and flirt.
    Faint or die
  • 9
    Are you comfortable with asking him out if you got the chance?
    I’m not sure…
    Of course! Totally!
    Yeah, if the time was right
    If it was a group date
    Duh no!
  • 10
    Final Question! He asks you out! What do you do?

    Apologize and say you can’t and give an excuse why.
    TOTALLY DIE (7th time)
    Scream, “I LOVE you so much! Of course I’ll date you!”
    Say yes awkwardly but get your parents’ permission
    Say yes, but invite your friend and her crush to come along.

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Florence ( 8.165 )
Posted 110 days ago
I am really obsessed, but it said I am not?
Noluntu ( 6.204 )
Posted 181 days ago
i just hate the way i am obssesed over my make matters worse, he always acts as if he has a thing for me but he never asked me out....agh! I HATE HIM