Which Girl From "Fame" Are YOU?

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One of my top favorite shows is "FAME." All the singing and dancing, and the actors and characters are realistic...which one of the girl characters would you be?

  • 1
    What's your talent?
    Acting, Dancing
    Singing, Acting
    Dancing, Singing
  • 2
    Yes, very.
    I try my best, I do fine.
    I'm okay.
    I have my own perspective.
    I do well...not my favorite thing though.
  • 3
    What's your style?
    Form fitting fashionable
    Classic, and edgy when I feel like it.
    Casual, sometimes girly.
    Lose and slump.
    Slightly ethnic
  • 4
    Work ethic?
    I work very hard...especially in the arts.
    I push my limits.
    I get the work done.
    I do my best.
    Goofy, I show people my way of doing assignments.
  • 5
    Different and loud.
    Classy, and relaxed in social scenes.
  • 6
    What's your ethnic group?
    Plain white.
    I'm white all over.
    I come from a diverse background.
    European Jewish.
  • 7
    Flirt much?
    I have a mostly steady serious bf.
    Off and on and back off again...for the most part.
    Kind of...but I am not that girly so I don't attract well.
    I liked this guy...he didn't like me...then when he did like me...I don't like him anymore.
    I have a put off relationship with an older guy.
  • 8
    I'm short but curvy...not heavy.
    I'm small...not tiny...but small.
    Thin, short, but not the smallest in dancer standards.
    Petite dancer.
    I'm tall and lanky, not curvy at all.
  • 9
    What's your role?
    I'm the goof in charge of everything.
    I'm laid back and fun to be around for the most part. If a close friend spends too much time with me though, we will get too much on each others' nerves.
    I will give everyone a laugh, though they might not understand me all the time and might be offended at my "performance art" sometimes.
    I'm quiet and reserved. All my friends enjoy my company.
    The serious, calm one, that is fun in non work/school situations.
  • 10
    Do you get along well with authority figures...or even parents?
    I do, sometimes perhaps too much (but not with my mother though...and you can forget all about my father)
    All of them like and respect me, and I respect them.
    I don't cause problems. I get along well.
    Well for the most part with some unspoken situations. Of my friends, I am the one always working everything out.
    Sometimes I might stir up a bit of controversy...

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