Importance of Punctuality

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10 Questions - Developed by: Holywar - Developed on: - 12.836 taken

Let's test how much you understand.

  • 1
    Why must you be punctual every time meeting with your clients or boss?
    To show them that you are good at time management.
    To show them that you are serious about your work.
    To show them that you miss them.
  • 2
    What does punctuality reflects on?
    Value you place on your time.
    All of above
    Value you place on others time.
  • 3
    Why punctuality is important?
    Show people that you are good at time management.
    Show people that they can rely on you because when you can show up on time as promised you demonstrate that you can keep your word.
    So that people will think that you are good.
  • 4
    What's the main reason people are unable to manage their time well?
    Because they what they are doing.
    Because they don't know how to do their tasks thus, can't get work done on time.
    Because they are always late and rushing to complete tasks.
  • 5
    To improve your professionalism you need...
    Good time management because time is a valuable resources.
    Nothing of above.
    Be sure to late every meeting because time is not a valuable resources.
  • 6
    How your lack of punctuality negatively affect other people's schedules?
    It affect their meeting.
    It affect their works.
    It affect their schedules.
  • 7
    How your lack of punctuality communicates?
    All of above
    Lack of personal accountability
    None of above
  • 8
    Why people who don't have the same view as latecomers tend to be late for an appointment on purpose?
    To avoid wasting time waiting for you.
    To avoid seeing you too much.
    To avoid meeting you.
  • 9
    Latecomers who do not see the valuable of time could mean...
    All of above.
    Losing a client trust for you or a career opportunity.
    Losing a sale.
  • 10
    Lack Punctuality creates a...
    Good impression of you on other people.
    Bad impression of you on other people.
    None of above.

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