What kind of sailor are you?

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To some people, a sailor is a sailor. But there are many different kinds-- if YOU chose to follow the sea, would you be a pirate, a fisherman, a privateer, or a naval officer? Find out here!

  • 1
    You're sailing towards an unknown horizon. What do you most hope to find?
    Freedom and adventure.
    Heaps of fish.
    Hot women! (or, if you're a girl, hot guys.)
    Heaps of treasure.
  • 2
    You're on a hot date, when one of your crew mates runs up saying you're needed back on board ship. What do you do?
    Ignore crew member and find somewhere private to take your date.
    Ignore crew member. They can't have caught all that great of a fish this close to shore.
    Kill meddling crew member and continue your date.
    See what crew member wants, but continue your date if it's not an emergency.
  • 3
    You fall overboard in shark-infested waters. You. . .
    Scream for your mates to help you, and wildly stab at the sharks with your cutlass.
    Try to catch a shark. Such big fish!
    Try to climb back aboard ship, realizing that the sharks are at a distinct advantage.
    Shoot the sharks.
  • 4
    It's a stormy night and you're alone on watch, while everyone else is below deck. You. . .
    Get a raincoat, try to stay out of the weather, but stay on deck.
    Cast a line. Fishing's best in the rain.
    Shirk your duty and go below.
    Keep watch-- someone has to, it's your turn, and you'd sooner die out here than admit to being bothered by a bit of rain.
  • 5
    What are your favourite colours?
    Red and gold-- colours of blood and treasure.
    Greenish-silver-- colour of fish scales.
    Green, blue, and gold-- colours of the sea and treasure.
    Grey-- colour of a steel ship.
  • 6
    What is your ideal romantic partner?
    Totally hot, but also totally faithful.
    Ultra-hot, rarely wearing anything.
    A mermaid or merman.
    Intelligent, attractive, and brave, with bright eyes and an irresistible smile.
  • 7
    What's your weapon of choice?
    A harpoon.
    Who cares? As long as it kills effectively, I'll use anything.
    A sword of tempered steel.
    A bazooka.
  • 8
    Your mother-in-law (whom you hate) is visiting. You. . .
    Kill the meddling in-law, and go get drunk with your mates.
    Wish you were at sea.
    Go fishing overnight to avoid her.
    Make little suicide gestures to your spouse when the in-laws aren't looking; then, when you can't take it anymore, go for a sail around the cay until your mother-in-law leaves.
  • 9
    Where would you most like to vacation?
    Hawaii. Swimsuits!
    Wherever there's adventure, treasure, and I can be of use to my country.
    Panama! Treasure and debauchery, here I come!
    Hawaii. So many kinds of fish!
  • 10
    Who do you most try to emulate?
    Captain Red-legs Greeves.
    The All-Ireland fishing champion.
    Winston Churchill.
  • 11
    Do you like the ocean?
    Yeah, I like it.
    It's okay, but I really like the things living in it.
    Yes, I love it.
    Yeah, but it looks better when there's blood in the water-- and when I'm drunk.
  • 12
    What's your ancestry?
    I don't really care, but I like the theory that all humans are descended from a fish-like creature.
    Who cares? I'm American.
    Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and/or French.
    How do I know? I don't have a clue who my father is, and my mother was illegitimate.
  • 13
    What article of clothing could you not live without?
    Tough choice between my greatcoat and knee-high boots.
    My uniform.
    Whatever I have that is the absolute gaudiest.
    My lucky hat.
  • 14
    Last question-- do you like poetry?
    Only if it has to do with rum or sex.
    Only if it has to do with fish.
    What does this have to do with anything?
    Yes, I like poetry and books.

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