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Which Twilight Clan role play character are you?

  • 1
    You're young, and soon to become an apprentice, when your clan leader calls you to the Highstump to receive your apprentice surname 'paw, how do you react?
    Proudly and with great dignity pad towards him and bow your head.
    Approach with head held high, and eyes unreadable.
    Excitedly run to the front!
    Shyly walk forward.
    Hang back. You don't want to be there.
  • 2
    It's early, and time for training. Your mentor wakes you, and tells you to go to the training hollow without eating first. What do you do?
    Growl, but do as ordered. You are determined to be a better warrior than even your mentor!
    Fall back asleep.
    Do so, eagerly and with great anticipation. You'll be a great warrior!
    Go to the hollow, but sneak a bite or two of mouse first.
    Wander into the forest.
  • 3
    Your camp has been attacked by an enemy clan; this is your first battle, and already your leader has lost a life and your mentor has been grievously wounded. What do you do?
    Guard the nursery and kits!
    Protect your mate!
    Attack the enemy clan's leader, and tear him to shreds!
    Run and hide.
    Protect your leader!
  • 4
    You've got your warrior name, and stood your vigil. The clan honored you for your bravery during your warrior ceremony, and you've become a fine cat. What do you do now?
    Find a mate, it's time to start a family.
    Continue to practice fighting, even if others shun you for your hostility.
    Sleep more.
    Become deputy. You want to be the best.
    Become a medicine cat. Being a warrior isn't too amazing.
  • 5
    You've become clan deputy, what are your duties?
    Heighten training sessions. Your clan's weak. You must fix that.
    Take care of patrols, and assist the clan leader.
    Congratulate yourself! This is cool!
    Sleep more.
    You're shy. You never thought you'd be here. Ask to step down.
  • 6
    It's a lazy day, and there seems to be nothing going on. What do you do?
    Chat with your friends.
    Hunt for the clan, and then train.
    Go for a walk.
    Hunt for the elders and queens.
  • 7
    As clan leader, you have nine lives gifted by Star Clan. How does this make you feel?
    You're proud and determined.
    Humbled, you hope you can do your job well.
    Well, good thing you're leader! Your clan would fall without you.
    What? WHAT!
  • 8
    There is a traitor within your clan... who is it?
    It's me.
    Could it be your brother?
    Your mate!
    That is impossible. Your clan is good and true.
    Cut yourself off, and confront your clan mates.
  • 9
    You must pick a new deputy. Who do you chose?
    Your mate. You need a lot of support.
    Your best friend.
    Your enemy.
    Do you /really/ need a deputy?
    Just swap places with somebody!
  • 10
    You've lived a long life. How would you chose to go?
    In the elders' den. You served your clan for your whole life.
    In battle. You were proud.
    You'll never die!
    In sleep.
    Alongside your family.

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