Should Your Best Friend Trust You?

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You know you trust your best friend-but should they trust you

  • 1
    If you were over at your friends house and their boyfriend/girlfriend (who has been for a while now) was there too. If your friend left the room and you and there Bf/Gf were left alone, would you...
    Tell them your Bff's most embarrassing Habit/Moment(s)
    Offer Them a drink
    Ask them to honest about the likes of your friend
    Make out with them
  • 2
    What would you say if your bff's bf/gf dumped them then asked you out...
    Say 'NO! Get away from me you freak!'
    Tell no One that you said yes
    Say No and Be Honest and tell your bff
    Tell Other friends and say not to tell your bff
    Say 'Yeah Sure!'
  • 3
    If your bffs Boyfriend/girlfriend (bf/gf) said something sly behind your bffs back, would you...
    Slap their boyfriends/girlfriend face
    Keep it a secret
    Tell your bff
    Tell everyone
  • 4
    If your bff got seriously hurt, would you...
    Leave them
    Phone an Ambulance
    Help them
    Tell a parent
  • 5
    If your bffs Boyfriend/Girlfriend dumped them, would you...
    Break her ex's Arm
    Laugh at your bff then kiss their ex
    Ask Him Out
    Comfort Them
  • 6
    If your Bff was going out on their first date and they were wearing too much makeup/clothes and they looked Stupid would you...
    Make Jokes
    Compliment them
    Tell the Truth
  • 7
    If you found your bff slow dancing (and they didn't notice you) with their boyfriend/girlfriend would you...
    Shout at them so they stop, laugh then walk away
    Walk away silently so they don't realize you
    Take a picture/video and post it on Facebook/Youtube
    Turn the romantic music onto a loud rock song
    Break them apart
  • 8
    If you caught your bff and your Boyfriend/girlfriend about to kiss, what would you do...
    Scream and run to the next continent
    Lean against a wall clear throat
    Spray water in both their faces & dump your bf/gf
    Let them since they are happy
    Walk away and cry
  • 9
    If your bff did something really bad at school (Like MY bff, Chelsea) and they were going to be in REALLY big trouble, would you..
    Blame it on them
    Do something to get you in trouble as well as your friend
    Only Blame it on yourself
    Blame it on yourself AND your friend
    Say Nothing
  • 10
    If you were at your bffs house for a sleepover and they were being really mean to you, would you...
    Say sorry and Make up
    Tell on them
    Sit in the corner
    Go Home
    Ask their really hot ex out to make them jealous

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