What is Your Future Career?

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I do not know about anyone else, but I find it extremely irritating when someone questions me as to what I wish to be when I am grown. Personally, I wish to be an epidemiologist as well as author, and, since sixth grade, have had this answer at the ready. However, if you are currently undecided, I hope my quiz will assist you.

  • 1
    You are walking along a seemingly lonely and empty road at night when suddenly, a tall man steps out. He is dressed in all black and is holding a gun. What do you do?
    Attempt to wrestle the firearm out of the man's hands to threaten him with it
    Zip your backpack with your Chihuahua in it and run
    Look closely, and ask some questions do distract him as you back away
  • 2
    Finally! You have completed all your homework and have some free time. What do you elect to do?
    Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from the computer and look for where a cool uncharted forest could lie
    Play with your pets or garden
    Write stories, read books, draw interesting pictures
  • 3
    After your free time, you feel strangely sleepy and decide to take a nap. Where do you sleep?
    In a bed, what else, you dolt?
    Outside, near the doghouse on a picnic blanket
    Up in an indentation in the roof-it actually is quite safe and seeing the passersby is fascinating
  • 4
    When you awaken, you find yourself on a pirate ship headed to Never Land. What do you do?
    Realize that the pirate ship means trouble, and attempt to swim back home.
    Stare in amazement at all the cool animals and plants, never once doubting that this is real
    Are surprised-no, shocked that this is real (although you are amazed at the interesting creatures) and pinch yourself repeatedly.
  • 5
    You get rescued by Peter Pan and the lost boys and lost girl and Tinker Bell. What do you do first?
    Ask to take one of the animals home as a pet, and also one plant's seeds.
    Take a sample of one of the most brightly colored and tallest plants, and study it.
    Go swim to the pirate ship and beat up those scurvy dogs who gave you a sleeping potion and captured you.
  • 6
    Soon, though, Peter Pan tells you he wants you to go home. You refuse, though, and he consents to use his hidden magical powers to transport you to the Harry Potter World. Once you are in Hogwarts, where do you go?
    The library
    The Forbidden Forest- you're pretty sure you can take what it has to offer!
    Hagrid's hut
  • 7
    Quickly, you befriend one of these three: Hermione, Luna, or Ginny. Who is it?
  • 8
    Luckily for you, today is the day for the visit to Hogsmeade! Where do you head first?
    Eyelop's Owl Emporium
    Flourish and Blotts
    Wherever you see brooms on display!
  • 9
    Finally, the day is almost over and Dumbledore visits you to tell you sadly that you must go home. What is your reaction?
    Can't I have another transportation? Pretty PLEASE?
    All right. I guess I AM excited to analyze all these different things I got.
  • 10
    Well, you can't transport anymore except to home, where you are taken. What do you do first?
    Analyze your samples and compare them to the ones around your house.
    Tell all my family and friends what happened!
    Write about everything you saw

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surjeet ( 7.201 )
Posted 201 days ago
i dont no where is my future