ULTIMATE Deathly Hallows 2 Quiz

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Hey all you Harry Potter fans! have you seen the new [and sadly, last] Harry Potter movie yet? If so, were you paying attention? Take this quiz to find out.

  • 1
    Who kills Nagini?
    C: Neville
    A: Harry
    D: Ron
    B: Luna
  • 2
    At which point do Ron and Hermione kiss?
    C: The Gryffindor Common Room
    D: The Potions Classroom
    A: The Forbidden Forest
    B: The Chamber of Secrets
  • 3
    Who says "Not my daughter you bitch!"
    D: Mrs. Weasley
    B: Professor McGonagall
    A: Lily Evans
    C: Tonks
  • 4
    Who says this line?:" AAHHHH Goyle's set the bloody place on fire!"
    A: Malfoy
    C: Ron
    D: Hermione
    B: Harry
  • 5
    What does Snape give Harry before he dies?
    D: His love
    C: His blood
    A: His tears
    B: His memories
  • 6
    Who kills Fred Weasley?
    C: Lord Voldemort
    D: Bellatrix Lextrange
    A: Fenir Greyback
    B: Severus Snape
  • 7
    How do Lupin and Tonks die?
    B: From Bellatrix Lestrange
    D: It is unknown
    C: From Draco Malfoy
    A: From Fenir Greyback
  • 8
    What ghost of Hogwarts does Harry talk to in order to find out information about the Lost Diadem?
    C: Nearly Headless Nick
    D: Professor Dumbledore
    B: Helena Ravenclaw
    A: The Bloody Baron
  • 9
    Who stabs the Hufflepuff cup with a basilik fang in the Chamber of Secrets?
    C: Harry Potter
    A: Hermione Granger
    B: Ronald Weasley
    D: Professor McGonagall
  • 10
    Who does Harry kiss[ in this film}?
    D: Hermione Granger
    B: Fleur Delacour
    A: Ginny Weasley
    C: Parvati Patil
  • 11
    Whose Patronus is a doe[ in memory of Lily Evans]?
    B: Professor Dumbledore
    D: Professor Slughorn
    A: Severus Snape
    C: Aberforth Dumbledore
  • 12
    Who says this line: That's my girlfriend you numpty!"
    B: Vincent Crabbe
    D: Ron Weasley
    A: Harry Potter
    C: Draco Malfoy