Harry Potter books "Potions and some other random stuff that I felt like including"

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Do you count yourself as a book fan? I feel pathetic because I wrote a few of these without the books! Be warned: This is actually a hard quiz. And please don't cheat.
Specific names have a few letters changed to prevent lookup. In the case of a similar answers, spellings will be correct.

  • 1
    What color is the love potion administered to Ron (HP6)?
    Pale Blue
  • 2
    Which spell allows you to find out which of a potion's ingredients will counteract a poison?
    Specrt's Countraspell
    Golpallott's Inhibospell
    Skarpin's Revelospell
    Wonran's Declajinx
  • 3
    Name the first thing Harry felt while searching for Essence of Dittany in Hermione's bag (HP7)
    Woolly Sleeves of Jumpers
    The Spines of Books
    Silky underwear
    Heels of Shoes
  • 4
    While making the Draught of Peace, what is the first instruction listed on the third line of instructions on the blackboard?
    Stir three times counterclockwise
    Powdered Moonshrine
    Ground Moonstone
    Syrup of Hellibore
    Simmer for 7 minutes
  • 5
    What does professor Snape force Ron to do for Malfoy when Malfoy pretends his arm is too hurt to create a shrinking solution?
    Skinning a rat and retrieving it's spleen
    Cut up Daisy Roots
    Squeezing leeches for leech juice
    Skinning a Shrivelfig
  • 6
    In the first class of Potions in HP6, which house table had Polyjuice potion in it? (Gryffindor and Huffelpuff are at one table)
  • 7
    What is special about asphodel and wormwood?
    They make the Draught of Living Death
    They save the victim from most poisons
    Combined, they create aconite
    They are the same thing
  • 8
    What ingredient or instruction Neville's potion (HP1) forget to make his potion cause boils to erupt on his face in their first potion's class?
    Forwent crushed snake fangs
    Didn't stir 6 times counter-clockwise
    Forgot to add porcupine quills
    Didn't take the cauldron off the fire
  • 9
    Where was the first golden snitch forged?
    The Ministry of Magic
    Ottery St. Catchpole
    Godric's Hollow
    Upper Flagley
  • 10
    What is the first thing that Hermione says Amortentia smells like to her?

    This? seems a little overly difficult, but...
    Old books
    Freshly Mowed Grass
    Mint Toothpaste
    New Parchment
  • 11
    What is the first step to curing Spattergroit? (HP5)
    Stand naked by the full moon
    Bind the liver of a toad around your throat
    Stand in a barrel of eels' eyes

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