Hogwarts Time travel

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You were a year six student at Hogwarts, just learning how to apparate. But something must have gone wrong... when your knees hit the hard marble floor in the great hall, you feel as if you had survived a 3-hour roller-coaster ride. With great effort you pull yourself together and try to get up. A boy with untidy black hair and glasses offers you his hand. Looking up, you see yourself surrounded by unfamiliar faces, all staring in amazement at that unknown student who, for them, has just appeared out of nowhere in their middle...

  • 1
    First of all, do you accept James Potter's help?
    Why not? I'm confused and my knees hurt. But he looks nice.
    Don't you dare touch me! Filthy bloke...
    What does he want? Where am I? What happened to me? >_<
    No. I'll get up myself, thank you!
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    After you have gotten over the first shock of landing in this strange-familiar setting, a teacher brings you to the headmaster Armando Dippet. The old Mr Dippet questions you about your old life at Hogwarts. What do you tell him?
    I'm a Gryffindor, my favourite subject is Defence against the Dark Arts.
    I was thrilled when I got my letter - my parents are Muggles. But I absolutely love wizard life!
    I'm near top of my class, but I don't really work hard. I prefer to do other things rather than study...
    All my family went to the same house. Of course.
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    Mr. Dippet listens patiently. When you have finished, he tells you that it seems like you had gotten into a time loop and somehow ended up in the same place, only about quarter of a century earlier. They will do the best they can to find a way back, but it could take some time. Until then, you'll continue your studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    Slightly overwhelmed by that information you are then sent off to your "old" dormitory. The next day you get to choose your subjects. What courses do you take?
    Something useful. Ancient Runes sounds interesting, too.
    Maybe Transfiguration and History of Magic. I don't really care, as long as there are nice people in the course. And that Potter boy seemed pretty descent, didn't he?
    I'll do well anywhere. So, DADA, Charms, and something that's easy and leaves plenty of free time.
    Everything I took before... Potions, Transfiguration etc.
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    After a few days, you feel quite at home again inside the familiar walls of the castle. Since you have some lessons together with James and his friends Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, you get to know them a bit better. You notice that they seem to plan some kind of mischief. What do you do?
    I don't care very much what they are up to. They are so aloof, and they will surely get caught. Not with me!
    Arrogant little brats, they think they are the smartest students here. Let's see if we can get them into some real trouble.
    I'm curious, but nevertheless keep my distance. I'll drop some hints that I know, though. But I won't interfere...
    I wait for a good moment and skillfully get them to tell me their secret. Breaking rules, how exciting!
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    Coming from the bathroom in the evening, you see James, Peter and Sirius hurry down to the grounds (they must have forgotten to put on the invisibility cloak^^). You...
    Are curious and would maybe like to join the fun. Follow them, cautiously.
    Follow them towards the Forbidden Forest, treading lightly and keeping in the shadows.
    Shrug and walk slowly into the same direction. Nothing wrong with that, is there?
    Follow them without being seen. If they are doing forbidden things, you might finally be able to get them into detention (or worse, hehe).
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    It is cold and almost dark, and from behind the many trees glowing eyes seem to be watching you as you try hard not to lose the three friends' trail. When they stop, you hide behind a big boulder and listen. First it doesn't seem to make much sense - they are talking about wolves and all sorts of things. But after a while, you figure out that they are about to speak the complicated spell which will turn them into animagi. This is clearly illegal and dangerous. You
    Turn and sneak away. You know now how to become an animagus, you don't need them to do it.
    Stroll out casually and smile at their frightened faces. "Don't worry, I'm not going to report you. Given that you tell me how it works."
    Jump out from behind the boulder. "Hey, now that I'm here, can I join you?"
    Watch quietly, not sure what to do. What if the centaurs find you here? Or the wolves?
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    This is your chance to do something crazy, forbidden, cool! What happens to you?
    Nothing. You don't want anything to do with it and go back to sleep.
    Sirius and James are skeptical, but you can convince them. You turn into a FOX.
    You stay hidden and perform the ritual according to their example. You turn into a FALCON.
    James immediately smiles back at you and agrees to let you join in. You turn into a HORSE.
  • 8
    Now you have decided on your relation to Potter and his friends. But they are not the only students at Hogwarts. One day, Snape asks you to lend him your new advanced Potions manual.
    Snape wouldn't dare to ask me such a thing. That's a joke, sure it is?
    Umm, yes. He's alright, and always somewhat lonely. Poor guy.
    He's a pureblood like myself. Real wizards like us have to stick together!
    I wouldn't mind giving it to him, but last week Snape was really mean to my best friends. So, no, sorry.
  • 9
    The same afternoon, you decide to go for a walk alone. Although you have spent almost 2 months in this version of Hogwarts by now, you still miss your old friends from time to time. When you return from the lake, you hear shouting and fighting. It soon becomes clear that Sirius and James have attacked Severus Snape from behind; he is dangling in the air by his ankles. You
    Turn away and find someone to help Snape. That's disgusting!
    Make Snape spin in the air, then wrestle with Sirius about the right to tie the Slytherin to the Whomping Willow.
    Stand by and watch. *laugh, clap*
    Are outraged and shoot Stupefy and Sectumsempra curses against Potter and Black to rescue Snape.
  • 10
    When Lily Evans (Harry's mother) comes to help Snape, how do you react?
    I get angry at her. Why does she have to spoil all the fun?
    I try my best to keep her from hurting anyone. Calm down Lily, it's only a game!
    While she's shouting at James, I keep Sirius under control. Good teamwork!:)
    I am surprised. I thought she likes James? Anyway, time to get Severus out of here.
  • 11
    Back in the castle. The next day, some pupils from Beauxbatons (in France) will come for a short visit which is part of Prof. Dippet's plan to develop closer ties to other schools of magic. The castle is buzzing with excitement - in the evening, there's going to be a ball. You know several good-looking guys in your year, but who will you end up going with?
    I was really nervous when I asked James if he wanted to come to the ball with me. But he said yes!: D
    No question, he must also be a Slytherin - Snape took my arm when we passed each other in the corridor, and asked me to be his date for tomorrow. Hell yes!
    I'll find a gorgeous French boy. They are said to be great lovers ;)
    I want to be asked... and I didn't have to wait long. Sirius was so sweet, he gave me a rose and a big smile...
  • 12
    After the formal welcoming ceremony and a feast of a dinner, it is finally time to dance! Your date looks very handsome, with a tie and slender black robes, hair washed (yes, Snape too;) and styled, and you can smell a slight hint of cologne on his neck. He just told you that you looked gorgeous in your new dress. When he takes your hand and leads you onto the dance floor, you smile at him.
    The folds of your fashionable blue and purple dress float around you as he holds you tight and looks you deep in the eyes.
    Your long crimson coloured dress flatters your slim figure, it goes perfectly with his tie. He smiles back, puts both his arms around you and starts to lead the dance.
    Your beautiful green dress is playing smoothly around your knees as you hug and then start dancing.
    Your classy black dress leaves plenty of room for interpretation. Sure he noticed, he seems almost shy as he takes your hands.
  • 13
    The ball is over, you had a great night (whatever might have happened *g). Will you see him again?
    Probably not. We had a good time, but that doesn't mean we're going to marry each other^^
    I think so. If it will be the same though? I don't know...
    Yes, sure. We're a couple now!
    Well, we are in the same class, we are friends, so, definitely!
  • 14
    A very exciting school year is coming to an end. It almost feels like normal to you, but where will you go for the holidays? When Prof. Dippet calls you into his office, you expect him to address the issue, but instead he informs you that there might be a way to get back to your own time. The chance that it will take you back to exactly the same year is quite small though. He leaves the decision to you.
    Now I can witness the first fight between Lord Voldemort and his adversaries, I won't miss that!
    I like it, but somehow I don't belong here. If I land in a different year, well, can't be so bad. I'll take the chance!
    My life here is so much better than it used to be. No way.
    I have made wonderful friends here, I don't have to go back. The holidays I can spend at the Potters' house. So no, really.

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