Everyone's a Princess...which one are you!

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    If you knew you were going to die tomorrowÖ.how would you spend your last day?
    I would spend the day with my family. Maybe I would read some of my favorite books, or watch some favorite movies one last time.
    I would say goodbye to my family, and then leave with my friends to go party hard until the very last minute!
    I would make sure that everything was in order and organized, and then I would go say goodbye to all my friends for the last time, talking to them and crying and hugging. Maybe a sleepover with my favorite girls.
    I would be torn between sitting at home with my family and going out and having fun. Both are important to me.
    I would go on a mission with some friends or family to do all the good things I could for other people. If my lifeís almost over, why do anything else for me? It wouldnít really matter.
  • 2
    If you had the chance to adopt one pet, what kind of animal would you choose?
    Maybe a frog. I donít really know. Iím not that into animals. But, if I did get one, it would be something not many other people have.
    Probably a dog. I love dogs! They are so adventurous and adorable.
    Something normal, like a kitty.
    I love lizards, chameleons and snakes. It would be something like that. I love crazy, cool animals!
  • 3
    On a normal/good day, what do you usually do with your hair?
    A simple roll on the back of my head. Clean, cute, and out of the way!
    A messy knot. Iím super busy, and in the morningsÖitís easiest to just throw it up!
    I leave my hair down almost all the time. Itís naturally straight, but I almost always straighten it anyways so it looks better.
    I like buns. But sometimes, Iíll do some curls for something new.
    I leave my hair down almost all the time. I love to put mousse in it to accentuate my natural curl.
  • 4
    What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
    I like to collect things. I have hundreds of random collections, and my friends think Iím weird, but I love it!
    Art. (any kind)
    I love to organize. To make plans. Sometimes I just sit and draw out buildings, or write down ideas for random things I could do with my life. I have big ideas for my life!
    I love singing. Music of all sorts actually.
    Reading! List off any classic, and Iíve most likely read it once or twice.
  • 5
    I know we all hate choresÖbut if you had to pick one, what would you say is your most enjoyable?
    Cleaning. Itís really not that bad!
    Washing dishes.
    I really like to decorate. Tidying up isnít too bad, and then when Iím done I get to rearrange and decorate! I love that.
    Well, I do most of the chores around my house, and I really canít say I hate any of them.
    I donít really mind doing laundry.
  • 6
    What is your family life like?
    My home is really broken. Itís kind of hard, especially since I donít like a lot of my family sometimes.
    I have LOTS of siblings!
    I am the only child. I have one parent.
    I am the only child. I have two parents.
    I have a normal little family, a couple of siblings, and weíre happy.
  • 7
    What is your favorite sport, or physical activity?
    Honestly, Iíd prefer to just work inside. Cleaning is usually the most exercise I get. Iím a homebody.
    I love swimming!
    I do pretty much every sport known to man. Iím very determined.
    I donít mind riding horses. I love to work outside with animals.
    Running. I love to be outside and breathe in the fresh air.
  • 8
    Which sounds similar to your dreams for your future?
    I would really love to just get married to my ďPrince CharmingĒ and have a perfect love story. I known it doesnít happen very much, but I would be so happy if I got one.
    I would love to just escape the life I have now and be somewhere/do something else. Anything. And marry someone exciting and different.
    I want to meet someone wonderful, get married, and explore the world. Iíve been kind of sheltered (or just donít get out much) and Iím sick of that. Iíd love to see new places.
    I would prefer to just stay single. And I would love to have my own business and be successful and wealthy. I also love helping other people and doing important things.
    I donít care for boys. Honestly, I would love to stay single and just explore the world. Learn new languages and new cultures.
  • 9
    Pick an outfit for your first date with that perfect guy!
    Capris, loose striped one-shoulder throw over, cami, and flats
    Knee length skirt & belt, v-neck tee tucked in, flowery stripy sandals, and a rose in my hair.
    Skinny jeans, a simple tee, a sweater, cute earrings, bangle bracelets and Keds.
    Dress pants, belted dress shirt, heels & light sweater.
    Knee length dress, ĺ sleeve sweater & flip flops.
  • 10
    If you could pick one place to liveÖwhere would you go?
    Any small, cozy country in Europe.
    Somewhere comfortable. Maybe the mid-west?
    Hawaii, or a Caribbean Island!
    England. Somewhere classy.
    Florida, New York, ChicagoÖanywhere I could be successful!