Does She Like You? BOYS ONLY!

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So does the girl of your dreams like you? Well I'm a girl and I know how we are, and the signs of us liking a guy.

  • 1
    Does she ever smile, or say hi?
    No! I never see her
    Kind of/ Sometimes... I don't see her often enough
    Yes! When I see her
  • 2
    Is she around you often?
    Yes! And it kind of annoys me
    No! Not at all
    Yes! And I LOVE IT
    I WISH!
    YES! When I turn around there she is
  • 3
    Does she have your number and do you have hers? If so... do you text or call each other a lot?
    Ya... we call or text every so often
    YES! BOTH a lot too
    YES! But we only text
    Ya I have her number... nothing for a few weeks now... hm
    NO! I wish/ or you don't have a phone
  • 4
    Does she stare at you? I do... at my crush:)
    YES! We stare for about 3 seconds too
    No.... I have no classes with her
    NO! Thank goodness
    YES! And when I look at her she looks away
    NO! Is she supposed to?
  • 5
    Does she touch her neck and flip her hair? (like she has a neck ache) She really doesn't though
    How many times do I have to tell you NO! NOT AT ALL!
    No! Is that bad?
    Yes! Whenever I'm around
    Kind of when I see her
  • 6
    Does she come over to you to talk? Or do you go to her?
    Kind of both... sometimes me. Sometimes her
    She comes to me! YES!:)
    I go to her most of the time
  • 7
    Do you notice any flirting from her?
    NO! I don't think she likes me
    Ya every time I see her
    Kind of... I don't see her often
  • 8
    Does she tease you?
    Ya but sometimes I tease her:)
    Ya... Gosh there was this one day.... SO FUNNY:)
    Ya but it hurt:(
    YES! She makes me laugh
  • 9
    Does she offer you something.... like a donut:) I offered my crush one:) he Kind of embarrassed me....So NO!
    Ya! I don't like donuts though so I said no
    No! She offered one to my best friend though... darn
    Yes! I ate it... YUM ha j.k. but Yes!
    Yes! I told her off... stupid idea now I wish I didn't do that
  • 10
    Last one... Thank goodness! Do you think she likes you?
    NO! I WISH
    YES! I know it:)
    No! Thank goodness
    Maybe... can I ask her?
    Maybe.... I don't know

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george ( 3.200 )
Posted 226 days ago
so amazing, love this page so much!