Which Unova Pokemon Are You?

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Hey, all! Maybe some of you out there, playing Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are thinking, "Just which Pokemon am I most like?" I am here to answer that question.

  • 1
    What is your perfect Saturday?
    Teasing my sibling.
    Reading a book with my sibling.
    Rough-housing with some friends.
    Taking a nap after I eat.
    Playing with my friends.
  • 2
    What is your favorite activity?
    Anything that's fun!
    Karate...I practice on anyone in the street.
    Swimming all the way!
    Stamina and strength exercise
    Does napping count?
  • 3
    Your favorite move is what, and why?
    Aqua Jet, it's fast but not too hard-hitting, so they can forgive and forget.
    Heat Crash, its warm in there...zzz....ZZZ...ZzZ...zZz....
    Leaf Tornado, its strong, fast, and epic-looking, too!
    Dragon Rage, its flashy so everybody sees it and thinks about me!
    Headbutt, gets annoying people out of my way easily.
  • 4
    What is your favorite thing to eat?
    Something that can be shared, like chips.
    Spicy food!
    Anything my friends are eating.
    Something quick to snack on that's healthy, like an apple or carrot sticks.
    Anything I can get from people.
  • 5
    What is your favorite television show?
    I fall asleep before I'm halfway through anything...zzz...ZZZ...ZzZ...zZz...
    Survival of the Fittest
    Anything that involves violence
    Anything that my friends watch.
    Wipe out, its funny and family-friendly, plus water!
  • 6
    How do you make friends?
    Have a slumber party and eat all the food.
    Pull a prank to get their attention.
    Say hi and find out one interesting thing about them.
    Who needs friends?
    Do what they do.
  • 7
    Which Pokemon do you hate most?
    Anything that disturbs my eating or nap.
    Darmanitan are SO scary! Eeep!
    Patrats, they're frigging everywhere!
    Any Pokemon that dares come between me and my family.
    Uh...I don't know...Vanilite, I guess?
  • 8
    What environment are you most peaceful in?
    Anywhere where I can hurt people.
    Wherever my friends are.
    In a meadow, with some friends to mess around with.
    My bed.
    By the lake, with my family.
  • 9
    A girl has dropped her ice cream. How do you react?
    Playfully ruffle her hair and tell her it'll be okay.
    Get her a new ice cream.
    Eat the ice cream.
    Buy an ice cream and eat it in front of her.
    Mirror your friends' movements and keep walking.
  • 10
    Which Pokemon do you think you'll end up as?
    Oshawott all the way.
    Axew, totally!
    I'm kind of thinking Tepig...
    Scraggy, yeah-yuh!
    Definitely Snivy.

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coolmaddy1231 ( 1.230 )
Posted 257 days ago
Yaya Oshawott is the best in Pokémon black 2 I chose Oshawatt but it's fully evolved AQUA RULESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
LibbyPokemon ( 54.95 )
Posted 325 days ago
Oshawott and all the others 20%...