What Feelings Does He Have For You?

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He may like you; he may not. But if he does, what sort of "like" is it? Is he just after you for your body, or is he truly in love? (By a guy for girls)

  • 1
    You first notice the guy. What is he doing?
    Staring intensely at you
    Looking bored.
    Seeming content
    Anxious, stealing glances
  • 2
    Say he notices you noticing him. What does he do then?
    Glances back, then stares back into space
    Smiles back
    Smirks, and then does that slight nod
    Looks away, as if scared of your gaze
  • 3
    Assume you share a class. Given the choice, he would...
    Sit next to you, and start a conversation
    Be completely indifferent.
    Sit next to you, making secret thumbs-up or something to friends
    Sit behind you
  • 4
    Say you two are lab partners in a science class. He would...
    Talk the entire time with you, get practically nothing done
    Just get down to the point, no small talk
    Contribute his own ideas, but mostly agree with you
    Just sit there and keep staring, not helping at all
  • 5
    Perhaps you two share an art class. In this situation, people separate off into groups of two to four. He would probably...
    Choose to be a part of your group, again with the thumbs-up to his friends
    Get in your group if a friend of his was also there
    Go off with a bunch of friends
    Pair off together
  • 6
    Assuming you have a conversation with said guy, what do you talk about?
    Weather, mostly
    Nothing; he's sort of a creep and just stares
    Tough classes, home life, and other slightly personal stuff
    Things that you have in common
  • 7
    If he were to call you anything but your name, what would he call you?
    Dude, bro, sis
    Honey, sugar, and other names that give off a sensual vibe
    Nothing but your real name
  • 8
    What, out of the four words given, comes to your mind first when thinking about him?
  • 9
    Yet another hypothetical situation: what would his response be if you asked him out?
    Yeah, I guess we could.
    Sure. I'd love to.
    No, thanks.
  • 10
    Final question: how do you feel about him?
    Ugh. He creeps me out.
    I like him, we just don't communicate much.
    Indifferent. He's just another person.
    I wish we were more than friends.

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