Return of Satan

Developed by: Anonymous

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    Chapter 1- Move To New York

    Today, 12th December, 1.00pm (LA). An extremely successful businessman was working quietly in his office room.
    Out of nowhere he hears immediate loud banging coming from the room next to his. As the man proceeded to venture into the
    room, before his eyes he saw nothing but a member of staff lying face first on the ground covered in a significant amount of
    blood. After a few moments in shock, the man bent down to the dead body, turned the body over and placed his shaking hand
    over his mouth. Within the next hour the cops were called, and began immediate investagion. The cops had searched everywhere
    for clues, but the death was offically inconclusive.
    Nine days later, another death was discovered by a twenty year old collage student, and after the discovery the student
    had passed out onto the ground, she was taken to a near by hospital, the doctors had told her that it was necessary for her
    to stay in hospital for the follow three days. As night approached, round the hours of eleven to twelve, the patient
    had woken from a very disturbing nightmare. In the dream, she had pictured a tall, mysterious man. At first this man
    seemed to act in an appropiate manner, however his body started to change shape, his flesh colored skin was becoming
    dark-red, then his entire head had produced two large white razor sharp horns, one on either side of his head.
    The man's face looked like no ordinary face, it had now transformed into somewhat like a monster's face, sharp jagged teeth
    was growing in his mouth, his eyes had turned bright red, and to finish it all off, he gave an evil smile in the patient's
    dream, whispering slowly and steadily: "You are going to die."
    In a split second in time, the patient woke up soaked in her sweat, breathing heavily in and out, taking her time to calm
    back down. A cold breeze entered the room, the patient turned her head slowly to the left, and then to right.
    Nothing but complete darkness could be seen. All of a sudden a great shadowy mist could be seen at the corner of the
    patient's eye. She faced directly forwards to the wall, then and there the walls had cracked open and were
    now practically destroyed, out of the walls came dark bloody red colored smoke, and there appeared the man from the
    patient's dream, exactly as he was, tall, long jet black hair, dark clothing, and he produced a dodgy grin in his face.
    As the smoke had settled into the distance, the man's body had begun to take shape of something new and dangerous.
    With her legs curled up by arms on the hospital bed, the patient's mouth had remained wide opened for some time and a
    flicker of fear could be detected, she had no desire to witness what the man was changing into, and kept her eyes shut as
    tight as possible, her breathing had become gradually heavier and heavier, eventually tears were streaming down the sides
    of her cheeks. She could not see a thing and didn't want to, but as her eyes were shut, the man had already changed into
    his true form, which was the Devil. His entire body became stronger, just as he had appeared in the dream.
    Slowly the patient allowed herself to open her eyes again, and as soon as she saw the Devil in his true form, she gave
    a loud desperate scream, attempted to get away but the Devil had grabbed her by her arm, every window in the room
    shattered into a million pieces, the wind grew more and more severe by the second. The Devil had disappeared leaving
    the helpless body on the hospital floor to die a slow, painful death...

    Four years later..

    A family of three, had arrived in New York to their new house. The family's names were Harold, Sarah and Derrick King.
    Harold and Sarah were mother and father of thirteen year old Derrick. They had originally came from Canada, and decided
    to move to New York. It was early in the morning, but the weather was calm, sunny and slightly windy. The King family had
    parked their car in their garage, once there, they had been welcomed to the neighbourhood by their neighbour, Mr Black.
    Just as Mr King was taking cardboard boxes from the back of the car, he looked up at the sky, placing his left hand on
    his forehead to block the sunlight, and said to his wife:
    "Awfully warm today, don't you reckon darling?"
    Mrs King turned around, facing her husband and told him that she was thinking the same thing. Eventually when all the
    boxes had been taken out from the car, the King's had walked into their new house for the first time.
    The house hadn't been cleaned or even used for the past ten years, and it was known to be the most terrifying and
    morbid house in the whole of New York. Of course now that there were people living in it, they could tidy the place
    up a bit and turn it into something new, that's warm, comforting and modern. As evening approached, almost everything
    was unpacked and only few little boxes remained un-opened. It was a very tiring day for the King family, but they
    had decided to celebrate their move and Mr King had ordered them an extra large cheese and tomato pizza.
    The doorbell had rung, Derrick was in the middle of showering, Mrs King was upstairs in her and her husband's bedroom
    sorting out a few pieces of paperwork and documents, Mr King was in the kitchen as he heard the doorbell, and as he walked
    towards the door he discreetly used his left eye to spy through the keyhole, and then got round to actually opening the
    door. One man with a large pizza box, and another man who looked familiar were standing outside in the dark.
    Mr King started a conversation with the pizza man first, but at the same time he was exchanging glances with both
    The other man who looked familiar had said to Mr King:
    "Do excuse me, I'll see you tomorrow." Straight afterwards he produced a rather odd grin, and walked away onto the
    Bored out of his mind, the man with the pizza left the pizza box on the King's doorstep and immediately charged
    Mr King for $4.15 to pay for the pizza. After he was paid, he took off with his car like a bat out of hell.
    For a few moments without any movement, speech or sound Mr King took the pizza into the house.
    Derrick and his mom headed into the dining area, waiting for Mr King.
    As time advanced, supper was over. Derrick had an immediate urge to use the bathroom, so he ran upstairs, and banged the
    bathroom door behind him. Within a few minutes he had relieved himself, he had looked around the whole bathroom, realizing
    how different things were compared to the old house. Derrick walked directly towards the bathroom mirror, looking
    himself in the mirror. Unless his ears were trying to trick him, he could hear the whisper of his name, not knowing
    if it was a person, a thing or whatever it was, but he shook his head telling himself he was hearing things and walked off
    to go to bed. During that night, Derrick had experienced difficulty trying to sleep. He got out of bed, bent down
    to the ground and had picked up a mysterious, ancient piece of scrap paper that had strange writting on it and was
    unreadable. On the front of the paper were symbols that appeared to be from ancient Greek times, from the back three
    numbers were inscribed, which was a sequence of three 6's. A lot of confusion was occuring through Derrick's mind.
    He had never seen anything like it and slowly started to develop a sense of fear. He had scrunched the paper into a ball
    shape and chucked it into the trash can, and allowed himself to proceed back to bed.
    In the next morning at breakfast, before Derrick went to school he had mentioned to his parents what he discovered
    the night before. His parents had gotten worried and thought Derrick had lost the plot. Mr King gave a suspcious
    look in his eye, he was fixing up some breakfast for the family, but all of a sudden Derrick decided he didn't want
    anything to eat, which wasn't like him and made his parents even more upset.
    Derrick grabbed his coat and school bag, and left the building in a huff. Just as he was walking out the door he
    shouted: "Go and search my trash can if you really don't believe me."
    Then at the kitchen table, Mr King exchanged looks with his wife Sarah, who had her arms covering her sunk head that laid
    on top of the table. Still with her head tucked underneath her arms, she said to herself and her husband:
    "I'm not in the mood.. Harold, that boy needs help, this is the first time he has ever acted so strangely and observe."
    Although Mr King wasn't as convinced as his wife that Derrick needed help, it didn't stop him from feeling
    concerned about his son, he did what Derrick had shouted moments ago and went upstairs into Derrick's bedroom, searching
    the trash can for a certain piece of paper, but could not find anything. He went back downstairs into the kitchen and sat
    down awkwardly as though he was in a trance. Sarah had asked him if he was okay, even though she herself was not.
    After a moments thought, Mr King looked into Sarah's eyes, and had said to her:
    "I don't think it's anything severely wrong to be worrying about, I mean, mean what if he just had a bad dream, you know
    how kids can dream at his age, please Sarah, let's forget all about it and you'll see that after school how Derrick will
    come back to his usual practical self."