What guy is right for you?

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Do you keep on dating the wrong guys? Are you looking for the right guy, your perfect match? Well, take this quiz and find out. Who needs Match.com when you got this quiz?

  • 1
    What do you first notice in a guy?
    His eyes
    His height
    His hair
    His smile
    His style
  • 2
    I hate guys who are.....
    Super clingy
    Mamas boy
    Too cocky
  • 3
    What characteristic do you want your guy to have?
    Attractive, high maintenance, pretty boy
    Ambitious, intelligent, risk-takers
    Rebellious, rugged, dangerous
    Doesn't matter
    Strong, dependable, kind
  • 4
    Which iconic movie couple do you most admire?
    Rose and Jack ( titanic )
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    Bonnee and Clyde
    Bella and Edward ( twilight )
    Allie and Noah ( the notebook )
  • 5
    What matter most to you?
    His personality
    His body
    His size
    His looks
    His brains
  • 6
    I like a guy who's...
    A jerk
    Funny and kind
  • 7
    What kind of guy are you use to dating?
    The class clown
    The quarterback of the football team
    The bad boy
    The president of my grade
    The best looking guy in school
  • 8
    What celebrity couple do you like the most?
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
    Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy
    Kristen and Rob Patt
    Ronnie and Sammie ( Jersey shores )
    Obama and Michelle
  • 9
    How long was your last relationship?
    More than a month
    Less than a month
    A year
    Never dated
    More than a year
  • 10
    Where would your perfect match take you on a first date?
    The park
    At his place
    The movies
    A romantic dinner
    The beach
  • 11
    In school he's
    The one all the girls crush on
    The kid who always get in trouble
    The jock
    The guy who answers all the questions in class
    The funny one who could diffuse awkward situations
  • 12
    What celebrity guy is perfect for you?
    Lil Wayne
    Robert Pattison
    Jim Carey
    Justin Bieber
    Johnny Depp
  • 13
    What do you classify yourself as?
    A bitch
    The funny girl
    The good girl who get good grades
    The hottest girl on earth
    A loner
  • 14
    How many boyfriend have you had?
    More than five
    To much to count
    Don't remember
  • 15
    What's your favorite music?
    R & B and hip hop
    Don't listen to music