Teen girls: Are you a good BFF?

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Do you ever wonder who good you are to your BFF?

  • 1
    Be honest - how often do you to fight?
    All the time - but it's usually her upsetting me
    All the time, sometimes my fault, sometimes hers
    Not very often
  • 2
    Your BFF is really having trouble with a subject that you're great at.. Her parents are making her get a tutor and giving her a hard time.. What do you do?
    Tell her to ask the teacher for help and call you if problems arise
    You don't really care about that
    She would be mad I suggested
    Offer to tutor her until she's at the top of the class
    You're too busy to help, but will if you have to
  • 3
    Your BFF badly needs to borrow money for something she really wants. What do you do?
    No way is she getting that cash!
    She's kill me if I didn't give it to her
    Maybe I'll loan her the cash
    I'll think of giving it to her
    Of course, if it's something she really wants
  • 4
    Your BFF takes you on a great day out. What do you do?
    Hope she asks again because you hate hosting days out
    Say thanks and plan another
    Definitely return the favor
    Say thanks
    We don't do that sort of thing
  • 5
    You hear gossip about your BFF - What do you do?
    Tell her ASAP
    Think about telling her
    Forget it happened
    Gossip back - it's not a big deal
    She wouldn't do it for me, I won't for her.
  • 6
    Your BFF is crazy about a guy and wants you to tell help. What happens?
    Think about it
    You try and tell him about it and hope they get together
    You soften him up and basically have them together on that day
    She wouldn't let me anyway
    Do something outrageous or don't get involved!
  • 7
    Your BFF is sick for the day - what do you do?
    Text or call and ask how she is
    Nothing - I avoid the sick.
    I wouldn't dare disturb HER while she's sick.
    Send a get well message and make sure she had no problems
    Text or call after another day or two, if she's still sick
  • 8
    Your BFF has a new friend or boyfriend who you know is really bad news, and you have evidence from the past. What do you do?
    Softly break it to her, comfort her and try and take her mind off it
    Just tell her
    Get around to telling her, or else try another way to split them up
    She wouldn't listen anyway, so nothing
    Let things pang out by themselves
  • 9
    Do you know personal things about your BFF (like what she wants to do in college, her favourite childhood movies, strange habits)?
    None of them
    I know a little about these things
    I know one of these things
    She doesn't like sharing
    We know each other very well, inside out!
  • 10
    Do you get along with your BFF's other friends and family members?
    I get along with her other friends OK
    I don't know her family and don't know/like her other friends
    Her parents or friends don't like me much
    I know some of these people and get along well
    Her family and I are really tight and I get along well with everyone in her life

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Rachel ( 3.209 )
Posted 77 days ago
I got 80% I hope my best FRIEND EVER!!! Gets the same
Michaela ( 1.231 )
Posted 87 days ago
I also did this test for my 2 BFF'S Laura & Sasha, and it turned out GREAT!!! 70%, not bad, huh!! ;)