What wolf rank are you?

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Are you an alpha, middle ranked, loner, warrior, or healer/teacher?

  • 1
    How smart are you?
    I know lots of things and love to teach!
    I'm very intelligent
    Well I'm pretty smart I guess...
    I'm very clever, I can do lots of things others can't
    I'm clever, but my strength is better than my brain!
  • 2
    What would your super power be if you had one?
    Maybe mind reading or being psychic, or mind control
    Healing people, physically and mentally
    Being invisible/turning into a shadow
    Super strength!
    I don't know... flying? Shape shifting?
  • 3
    What are you to your friends?
    I'm the leader! I'm always full of crazy ideas and plans!
    I'm a loner. Who cares about friends anyways?
    Just a friends? I don't know.
    I'm a good friend and make others feel better:)
    I'm the warrior! I'll fight ANYONE!
  • 4
    You see an innocent person being hurt by a bad guy. What do you do?
    Call 911! OMG!
    Beat up the bad guy! RAWR!
    Let them fight on their own.
    Maybe call the police and try to tackle the bad guy.
    Rip the bad guy's throat out and leave him for the police.
  • 5
    Some random person you don't know and seems kind of suspicious comes up to you and asks you to hold a bag full of stuff and not look in it. What do you do?
    Take the bag, wait till he's gone, and run to the cops!
    Tell him no. Go find someone else.
    Call 911!
    Knock him out cold, and drag him to the police station with all the money.
    Take the bag and BEAT HIM UP! Then give the bag of money to the police, maybe take a few bucks ;P
  • 6
    You see a person all alone at school. What do you think?
    Another loner. Good luck out there.
    As long as no one tries to hurt him, and he doesn't try anything stupid, all's fine.
    Just walk past. Who really cares? Maybe go talk to him though...
    So what? Maybe I'll go over to make sure he knows who's boss around here!
    Poor kid! I'll go talk to him!
  • 7
    Which rank do you hope to be?
    Alpha! I know in my heart I'm perfect for the job!
    Loner. I hate company.
    Healer or teacher! I love animals <3
    Middle ranked. I can't handle big responsibility, I'm just normal.
    Warrior! I'm born to fight!
  • 8
    What career do you want with animals?
    Vet! or doggie daycare or something!
    I want to be in the army with a fighting dog! That'd make history!
    Anything as long as I'm the best in the business, and have control over others!
    Who cares about jobs? I don't need money, I can survive on my own.
    I really don't know, to be honest.
  • 9
    How responsible are you?
    I can take care of others, mostly myself.
    I can take care of myself.
    I can take care of children! I love them!
    I can take care of...
    I can take care of everyone! I'm extremely hardworking!
  • 10
    Last question. You're in a war, what weapon do you choose?
    An ancient magical sword like Excalibur! But I'll be prepared to risk my life for others!
    Something magical! and a big shield to protect more than just me!
    Double daggers. I need to fight lots of people!
    A sword..? Maybe a whip or something cool!
    A big hammer or something! Probably not a shield, armour is good enough.

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