The ultimate New Moon book quiz

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How many times have you read New Moon? Ten, twenty or even forty times? Well then it's time to test your I.Q and of course your love for the twilight saga and take the quiz.

  • 1
    What is Bella's grandma's name?
  • 2
    What is Bella planning to study in college?
    None of the above
  • 3
    When was the last birthday the Cullens celebrated before Bella?
  • 4
    Where is Emmett and Rosalie supposed to be?
  • 5
    What woke Bella up in the forest?
    Edward Cullen
    Jacob Black
    The calling of her name
    The rain
  • 6
    Where did the Cullens supposedly go?
    San Francisco
    San Diego
    Los Angeles
    Long Island
  • 7
    Who is Forks' gossip chatter?
    Bella's mom
    Mike's mom
    Jessica's mom
    Angela's mom
  • 8
    What's the title of the movie Bella and Jessica saw in Port Angeles?
    Dead End
    Face Punch
    The one with the female president
    Sucker Punch
  • 9
    What's the name of the bar Bella and Jessica passed on their way to McDonalds?
    One Eyed Eric's
    One Eyed Mark's
    One Eyed Pete's
    One Eyed Jack's
  • 10
    What does Bella dream about every night?
    About Edward, Jacob wolf and Mike
    About nothingness
    About vampires
    About monsters
  • 11
    What is Forks deputy's name?
    Deputy Mark
    Deputy John
    Deputy Steve
    Deputy Brian
  • 12
    How much older is Leah Clearwater than Bella?
    Two years
    Two and a half years
    A year and a half
    A year
  • 13
    What did Bella find out about Jake's 'mono'?
    It's a disease
    You get it from food
    It's a skin cancer
    You get it from kissing
  • 14
    Why was Laurent in the clearing at the same time as Bella?
    He was hunting
    He tracked her
    He was hunting her
    He was following the bears
  • 15
    What color was the first wolf that stepped into the meadow?
    Russet brown
    Silver grey
    Reddish Brown
  • 16
    Why did Embry think Bella's stronger to not puke?
    She runs with vampires
    She's human
    She's a Swan
    She's seen a lot of weird stuff
  • 17
    According to Jake, what's the best trait to being a werewolf?
    The telepathy
    The speed
    Hunting vampires
  • 18
    What triggered Jake's transformation?
    When Billy said he looked weird
    When Billy talked about Bella
    When Billy got mad at Jake
    Vampire Laurent
  • 19
    What's the hardest part to Jacob to being a wolf?
    Feeling out of control
    When he had to give Bella up
    Can't be normal
    Losing all the clothes
  • 20
    Who is Sarah?
    Jacob's sister
    Jacob's girlfriend
    Jacob's mom
    Jared's girlfriend/imprinter
  • 21
    Who is Sarah's grandfather?
    Billy Black
    Quil Ateara Snr
    Ephraim Black
    Levi Uley
  • 22
    What is the first words Edward spoke to Bella as she jumped off the cliff?
    "Don't do this,''
    "Do you want to kill yourself?''
    ''Are you stupid?''

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