Is someone a true friend?

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You thought that someone who was really close was a good friend and that the feeling was mutual...but recently there's been a change in their attitude and you're not so sure anymore? Take this quiz and see whether that friend is a real friend! (Based on personal experience)

  • 1
    How often do you talk to them face-to-face?
    Several times a year
    A couple times a month
    Whenever we happen to meet
    Not very often
  • 2
    How often do you communicate by phone/Facebook/MSN?
    Once a year
    Once a week
    Once a month
    Almost everyday
  • 3
    Can you always be completely honest with them and not regret it and they do the same with you?
    I'm not really honest and neither are they
    We're both sometimes honest, sometimes not, but don't mind
    I tend to regret it, even thought they're honest with me
    I regret it because I know they're not honest with me
    I'm always honest and so are they
  • 4
    Do you have fights/arguments?
    No: we don't talk enough for anything like that to happen
    Yes: I cause most of them
    Sometimes: I cause some, they cause some
    No: we never fight or argue
    Yes: it's mostly their fault
  • 5
    If you don't talk for a while...
    They start to ignore you
    You both try to catch up whenever is best
    You feel awkward around them
    You always make the effort to start conversation
    They end up making the effort to talk again
  • 6
    When you see each other in public (outside of school):
    They try to make conversation
    You both get along great
    You ignore them
    You try to make conversation
    They ignore you
  • 7
    When talking on msn (or similar), they:
    Have fun conversations with you
    Seem to always have lots of other things to do as well
    Talk to lots of other people at the same time
    Stay awake talking to you for ages
    Pay a lot of attention to what you say
  • 8
    What was the worst thing they ever did?
    Made you cry (intentionally or not)
    Used you for their own gain
    Ditched you for someone else
    Lied to your face, or lied to others about you
    Told someone else a secret
  • 9
    What was the best thing they ever did?
    Gave you the best surprise ever
    Been there for you when you needed them
    Made your life happier and better
    Made you feel happier when no one else could
    Helped you become a better person
  • 10
    When you remember them, how do you feel?
    Not bothered
    A range of emotions

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