Which Malcolm in The Middle character are you most like?

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"Malcolm in The Middle" is like one of the most funniest slap stick sitcoms ever. This quiz is for girls too...its about personality...look out..."Malcolm in The Middle" has every one of them.

  • 1
    What is your life view?
    Oh my goodness...my mom completely messed up my whole life.
    Uh...it could be better...I enjoy any quiet time I can get.
    My life stinks...its no fair...how come everybody else gets to have all the fun.
    My life stinks but its cool too, because I have time to pull pranks on anyone I want.
  • 2
    What's your intelligence level?
    I guess I have one.
    High IQ of between 130 to 165
    Uh...okay I guess.
    I don't know...I'm not stupid or anything, but aren't other things more important?
  • 3
    Chores. What do you do?
    I really don't like chores.
    I'll avoid them at all costs.
    I try to finish my chores as fast as I can so that I have time to do cooler stuff.
    I'll devise a plan to trick my parents into thinking that I've done all my chore when really I haven't done any at all.
  • 4
    Favorite subject?
    PE then I don't have to think or anything like that.
    Science, for sure.
    Music is relaxing.
    I hate all of them...especially the ones in my private school.
  • 5
    What's your favorite color to wear?
    Green or black.
    Blue like the ocean.
    Uh, i don't pay attention to colors that much, I'm more into washing the clothes.
  • 6
    What's your tolerance level.
    I'm extremely patient, I've learned over the years to tolerate pain from my older siblings.
    Um, I'm tolerant?
    I hate waiting to get out of this rut.
    I can handle pain I'm tough, but I'm not at all patient.
  • 7
    What kind of music do you like?
    Classical music especially by famous composers like Bach and Beethoven.
    Anything cool man.
    Rock, pop, instrumental, really anything that's popular.
    Hard punk rock.
  • 8
    What would you do if you were caught doing something you specifically were told not to?
    Oops, you guess you'd have to bargain and make a deal regarding something else you did or a favor you'd be willing to do
    Pretend you didn't do or blame it on a sibling.
    Try to confuse my parents so you can get out of it if at all possible.
    I wouldn't get caught...I'm too discreet.
  • 9
    How good are you at math?
    Math is completely pointless unless you want to be some freaky scientist or something.
    I'm okay I guess.
    I'm the best in the whole school.
    I wish someone else would do my math work for me.
  • 10
    How's your family?
    So messed up.
    Kinda a mess.
    We're the extremely dysfunctional family.
    I wish I could claim that they aren't mine.
  • 11
    What would you buy your mom if she gave you money to get her a present?
    Something like a magazine or something.
    A really cool antique clock.
    Something thoughtful.
  • 12
    Do you take advantage of your dad?
    I try to stop my siblings from doing that, but if it involves a car, well yeah.
    That's what dads are for.
    Only when I need something or he owes me.
    Its neat cause I'm smarter than him and he's so oblivious.
  • 13
    Your role in the family?
    I'm the eldest, so I get to take advantage of all my siblings and they all look up to me.
    I'm the one who causes all the chaos. Neat isn't it.
    I'm the cute one.
    My family relies on me for everything cause I'm smart and they're all so stupid and getting into trouble all the time.
  • 14
    What's your goal in life?
    To be a well renowned concert pianist.
    To get away from my mother and be happy.
    To become a famous physicist and make a lot of money.
    To get to be an awesome janitor.
  • 15
    How are you with relationships?
    I really need to be better...I talk too much about myself and I need to cut it out if I'm going to meet the right person.
    I am (or already am) the first kid in my family to get married to the perfect person confident enough in me to lift up my happiness level.
    I just want to be cool and let it work itself out.
    I'll be happy with anyone that comes my way, I'm not that likable.
  • 16
    Are you popular?
    A small group of people look to me for advice.
    I am (or was) a rule defyer and brought trouble to the rest of the kids I was in the least bit close with.
    I'm the opposite.
    I'm kinda freaky smart and stuck with the geeks...so no...not really popular in the least.
  • 17
    Do your parents pressure you?
    No...I get ignored...way too often.
    They keep trying to fix my trouble seeking attitude, but else-wise, no much. They don't expect anything from me other than to get a job.
    My mom keeps nagging me to hold a job and have a clean house/apartment.
    Yeah...like so much all the time...they want me to be like the greatest achiever in the whole country.
  • 18
    Are you funny?
    I think so, though not everyone would agree.
    Hehe...um, I've never really thought about it.
    Yeah, I get a real hard laugh out of every prank I pull.
    I can be, but it takes a lot of patience and time, to cause something really funny to happen.
  • 19
    How relaxed are you?
    I'm naturally the most relaxed person in my family.
    Uh, I wish I could be...its just my life stinks so much right now, how can I possibly be relaxed with all that is going on in my life right now.
    Oh, I so wish I was relaxed. Its just my mom has caused me so much stress over my whole lifespan. I wish I could take it back. And I wish she would cool off.
    Heh heh...I try to teach everyone a lesson so I can be relaxed.
  • 20
    Do you take after your parents?
    I get my patience from my dad. But no one in my family was or is a musical genius like me.
    I've often wonder if they can possibly be my parents. I'm not at all like them. They're not smart at math and science like me.
    I get my scheming nature from my mom, but my trouble causing and mischief from my dad.
    Gee. If any, I take after my dad. I am not at all like my mom. My mom has caused me so much stress. She gets angry at every little mishap I have.

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