Ultimate DBZ Quiz

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This is not your typical 'Why is Goku's hair yellow?' kinda test, better know your DBZ!

  • 1
    Who was the first person Raditz met on Earth?
    A 'Harmless' human
    Goku & Gohan
    The Z-Fighter Reunion
    Entire West City
  • 2
    How does Goku kill Raditz?
    He used the Kamahamaha Wave
    He put hole through Raditz's chest
    Piccolo distracted Raditz, giving Goku a chance to strike
    He only helped by using a wrestling move
  • 3
    What technique did King Kai teach to Goku?
    Instant Transmission
    Meteor Rush
    Spirit Bomb
    Kamehameha wave
  • 4
    What's Goku's power level when he faces Nappa?
    Over 9000!1!1! one
  • 5
    What eye does Vegeta lose when he's with Ozaru?
    None cause he's a boss
    His left eye
    His one eyed monster
    His right eye
  • 6
    While traveling to the Planet Navek, how strong was the gravity in Goku's shuttle for training?
    100 times normal gravity
    He rested and ate the whole time so the gravity is irrelevant.
    10 times normal gravity
    50 times normal gravity
    Normal gravity
  • 7
    What was the third wish from the Namekian DragonBalls?
    There was no third wish
    Vegeta's immortality
    Freiza to be easily identifiable as a man or woman waft
    Piccolo's revival
    Krillen's revival
  • 8
    What planet did Goku crash land on?
    New Namek
    Planet Vegeta
  • 9
    How did Future Trunk kill Frieza?
    With a high energy ki blast
    He doesn't
    His blade
    With the help of King Cold
  • 10
    Which Android did Vegeta kill during the Android Saga?
    Android 17
    Android 19
    Android 18
    Android 13
  • 11
    How many years was Vegeta in the Hyperbolic Chamber?
    1 year
    3 years
    2 years
  • 12
    How did Second Form Cell survive his self-destruct move?
    He had cloned himself
    Android 20 revived him
    One cell in his body wasn't destroyed and rebuilt
  • 13
    How was Goku 'resurrected' for the second time?
    Forturneteller Babba allowed him one day so he can compete in the tournament
    The Z-Fighters used the DragonBalls to wish him back
    His cloud Nimbus brought him back
    King Kai had Grandmaster Kai send him back to Earth
  • 14
    Who breaks the strength measurement machine?
    Android 18
  • 15
    How were Krillen and Piccolo turned to stone?
    Cell turns them to stone
    Dabura spat on them
  • 16
    How is Gohan able to pull the Z-Sword out of the hill?
    With the help of Kibito
    Turning Mystic
    By turning Super Saiyan 2
    By becoming Gotanks via fusion with Trunks
  • 17
    How were Goku and Vegeta able to fuse to make Vegeto?
    King Kai taught them fusion
    Potara Earrings
    The Fusion Dance
    Metamoran Dance
  • 18
    How was Kid Buu able to form?
    Supreme Kai provoked Kid Buu
    Vegito disrupted his slumber
    Vegeta disconnecting Old Buu
  • 19
    How many episodes did it take for Golu to get his minute?
    Too many
  • 20
    Where does Uub get all his power?
    From fear
    From happiness
    From anger
    From nature

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