Conflict Resolutions

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How do you deal with conflict situations? Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    You are having an argument with your best friend and she calls you a nasty name. How do you react?
    Jump on her and make her regret she ever said it
    Call her something even worse and spread a nasty rumour about her
    Try to get her to calm down and resolve the problem
    Burst into tears and run off to your mum
  • 2
    One of the nerdier kids is being bullied by the school bully. What do you do?
    Attack the bully and demand that they apologise
    Either go and break it up or tell a teacher.
    Join in with the bully. That kid deserves it for being such a wimp.
    Walk away and pretend nothing ever happened
  • 3
    Your parents are arguing downstairs. What do you do?
    Cover up your ears and sing "La la la la la la!"
    Go downstairs to get a glass of water *awkward*
    Ask them why they are arguing and if there is any need for it.
    Scream down the stairs "Some of us are trying to sleep up here!"
  • 4
    There is a fight in the park on the way back from school. What do you do?
    Scream at the top of your voice "FIGHT!" and watch as people gather
    Tell a responsible adult or if it is extremely serious call the police
    Walk past quickly and avoid making eye contact
    Join in even though you don't know any of them
  • 5
    You are a teacher at your high school and you find out that a pupil is carrying a weapon. What do you do?
    Notify the headteacher and the police straight away
    Try to talk the pupil into handing it over without hurting anyone
    Hide under your desk after calling the police
    Take the weapon away from them
  • 6
    You are a shopkeeper at your local supermarket. Someone is holding a gun to your head and telling you to put all your money into the bag. What do you do?
    Put it all in the bag and then sit in the corner and crying
    Try to insult the armed robber into leaving then text all your friends telling them what happened (exaggerating of course)
    Karate chop the gun out of their hand and knock them out. That'll teach them.
    Hand over the money and then straight away call the police
  • 7
    You are kidnapped by a mad man. What do you do?
    Attack your kidnapper
    Sit in the corner crying
    Try to find some way of communicating with someone and just do as they say
    Make the kidnapper feel worthless with your acid tongue
  • 8
    You are Santa Claus. A riot has broken out in the Gift Wrapping Room. The elves want more pay for less work. What do you do?
    Ignore it and get on with what you need to do
    Negotiate and come to a joint decision
    Threaten to stuff them and make them into Christmas presents
    Insult them, their families, their lifestyle and everything about them. A good dose of self worthlessness should do the trick
  • 9
    A war breaks out between two countries, one of which you are the leader of. what do you do?
    Use propaganda to fuel your countries anger
    Surrender is the best possible solution
    Start training the army immediately
    Try to stop the fighting and talk to the other countries leader and come to a deal
  • 10
    The fate of the world lies in your hands. Either use and atomic bomb to destroy the planet or let everyone die a slow and painful death due to a new disease. What do you do?
    Neither because a cure could be developed and everyone's lives could be saved.
    The disease. Not everyone has to get it.
    The bomb definitely. I <3 explosions. KABOOM!
    Let someone else decide

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