How self-confident are You?

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Been wondering if you've got a great esteem or not? Wanna know how to boost your self-confidence in a snap? Take this quiz to find out how confident you are of your body and life.

  • 1
    Look in the mirror. First reaction?
    Oh hey look- it's me.
    A mirror? Oh gosh, no!
    Looking good- oh gosh, better fix my mascara
    I look great- as usual!
  • 2
    Your crush is walking toward you. As he walks by, you-
    Are embarrassed, and hide your hideous face from his.
    Fluff your hair, stand straighter, and look him in the eye with flirt.
    Say hi as he passes, with a great smile, then get happy butterflies when he kindly says hello.
    Look away, act as if he isn't there- wouldn't wanna embarrass yourself.
  • 3
    You've been asked to read your A+ essay to the class. You think-
    Agree politely, and recite your essay clearly- you had fun too.
    Why would I wanna scar them with my image?
    Dress up for the day you recite it, full makeup, and add dramatic emotion to make it sound better.
    Blindly accept and recite it, facing down, like a robot.
  • 4
    Your thoughts on makeup?
    I practically own the whole cosmetics store! I've been working makeup for YEARS.
    Just some lip gloss, maybe mascara- I'm fine with the way I look!
    It does nothing for this "amazing" face...
    Tried and failed. And if it works, no one notices anyway.
  • 5
    10 being fantastic, how well do you think your self-confidence is?
    One, 1!
    9 or 10- confidence isn't really a problem for me.
    4 or less- honestly, I'm not sure.
    I guess 7 or so. There are a lot of things riding on my self image
  • 6
    You're 13 and 105 lbs. Do you feel fat?
    Well, I've got nothing else to compare to. I've also been the same size.
    Uh, no. My gym teacher says that's healthy for my age.
    With exercise and diet I could get it down some- though it's really not that fat, but feeling lean is important.
    Of course! Most girls my age look the same size as me! But somehow they've GOT TO be skinnier...
  • 7
    Your hair-
    Has an ugly, cursed mind of its own.
    HAS to be perfect- no hair can be out of place.
    Is always, always the same...
    Is pretty versatile- I can do mostly anything with it.
  • 8
    All the girls are following the latest belt trend- would you try it?
    Of course! Any trends must fall on me!
    Well, a t-shirt and jeans are fine enough for me I guess...
    Popular trend? On ME?
    Maybe- I might even add my own twist to the belt!
  • 9
    Quick! Pick a color!
    Ooh- turquoise!
  • 10
    Good quiz?
    Maybe, I sort of think I'll fail though...
    Yes! Show me the results
    As long as I get my bad score over with...
    Great quiz! Can't wait to see how I did!

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