How Much Do You Love Her?

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A quiz for middle/high school. This is for if you're NOT dating her, but you basically wish you were. For guys or LGBTQ girls.

  • 1
    When you think of her, your very first thought is...?
    The stupid thing you said in front of her today. Seems like you're always messing up around her.
    Her face. She's gorgeous.
    Her best friend.
    Her name.
    How amazing she is. You can't help but smile.
  • 2
    You two are the only ones in the room. What do you do?
    You just wait for other people to enter. You're not talking, but you don't really care.
    You sit/stand facing each other, talking about yourselves/home/friends.
    You sit/stand facing each other, talking about school.
    Sit close to each other. You "accidentally" brush her hand a couple times, and you're talking like best friends.
    She says a few words to you, and you reply, but otherwise you try awkwardly to do something else, trying to think of a topic.
  • 3
    If she asked you to kiss her, you would...?
    Not kiss her and walk away.
    Not believe it was happening, and think it was some kind of joke.
    Kiss her on the cheek, then walk away.
    Go a bit farther than that...
    Kiss her, then spend some time talking and appreciating her.
  • 4
    She comes up to your desk crying. You...?
    Hug her and comfort her until she's ready to talk. You're sincerely worried about her.
    Make a disgusted face and walk away.
    Pretend not to notice.
    Try to get her to laugh.
    Ask her what's wrong. It hurts you so much to see her like this, but you can't think of what to do.
  • 5
    If you heard her dissing you in front of her friends, what would you do?
    Get in the middle of the conversation and demand to know what she said.
    Walk away.
    Think it was just a show for her friends, and ask her later.
    Quickly walk away, sobbing and dying inside.
    Not be surprised, but inside your heart is aching.
  • 6
    One of her friends tells you that she likes you. You're response?
    Glance over, think it's some kind of joke, but be really excited.
    Think of what a great couple you'd make.
    Shrug, and tell the friend "thanks for telling me."
    Make it very obvious you don't share the feelings.
    You're pretty sure you're having a heart attack. You're hearing symphonies and your heart just flipped about 10 times.
  • 7
    She's walking by your desk, and she accidentally brushes you as she goes by. What are you thinking?
    "Did she do that on purpose? Oh my god, she just touched me. She's so amazing..."
    "I wish that would happen more often. If only she liked me."
    "D*mn, she's HOT."
    "Seriously? She has the nerve to run into me?"
    Nothing. It doesn't matter to you.
  • 8
    You love her because...
    I don't love her. At all. Period.
    Love her? No. It's more that you "like" her. But not like that.
    She's amazing, but you'll never have her, and you know it.
    She's HER. Everything about her makes you flutter inside.
    She's so beautiful. And she's nice. But mostly beautiful.
  • 9
    She's moving.
    And you realize that now you'll have less of a chance with her than before.
    You'll never see her face again.
    There's another friend gone.
    Good riddance.
    And you're completely dead inside. You're numb, you're depressed, and you can't think of anything else.
  • 10
    How many girls have you been thinking of while taking this quiz?
    Just the one girl you absolutely hate.
    Just one absolutely amazing girl.
    Just the one girl you won't have a shot with.
    2 or 3

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