The Sorting Hat

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You have been given the once in a life time chance to be sorted into one of the Hogwarts Houses. The Sorting Hat has been placed on your head and is about to decide your future. Are you a Hufflepuff, loyal and true? A clever Ravenclaw? A brave Gryfindor? An ambitious Slytherin? The Sorting Hat will reach into the deepest caverns of your mind to find out.

  • 1
    How would you like someone to see you?
    Clever and witty, but stuck up and irritable.
    Honest and fair, but shy and dull.
    Ambitious and powerful, but ruthless and manipulative.
    Noble and outgoing, but troublesome and rebellious.
  • 2
    In relation to your friends, you are...
    In charge.
    A follower.
    The leader.
  • 3
    You are trapped in a burning building with one relative and six strangers. You have the chance to save yourself and your relative, yourself and the six strangers, or your relative and the six strangers. What do you do?
    Save yourself and your relative. Blood is thicker than water.
    Save yourself and the six strangers. Seven people is more than two.
    Save yourself and your relative. You don't know the strangers, they can fend for themselves.
    Save the strangers and your relative.
  • 4
    Your peers see you as...
    A bit of a trouble maker, but someone who always has (mostly) good intentions.
    Someone who knows what they are doing and should be consulted with all kinds of problems.
    A true friend. Someone that can be trusted fully and always depended on.
    Someone that is not to be crossed.
  • 5
    If you had one magic ability it would be...
    Mind reading.
    Mind control.
  • 6
    The most important things in any friendship or relationship is...
    Understanding, communication, and equality.
    Loyalty, love, and fun!
    Understanding, trust, and leadership.
    Trust, honesty, and loyalty.
  • 7
    A dictatorship has taken over your country and you have discovered an underground organization that is fighting to bring the dictator down. What do you do?
    Join the rebellion and become a double agent.
    Turn them in. You cannot risk getting into any trouble.
    Join the rebellion and fight to the end!
    Join the rebellion.
  • 8
    What do you feel is the meaning of life?
    To live life to the fullest.
    To discover the beauty in everything.
    To achieve your greatest dreams by whatever means necessary.
    To find the truth and uncover knowledge to be used to help future generations.
  • 9
    Describe your relationship with your parents.
    They are my parents and I love them and all, but they hold me back.
    I love them. We laugh and joke and have a good time, but sometimes I wish they would give me a longer leash.
    I love them very much, but sometimes we do not see eye to eye. Sometimes I find them very stupid.
    I love them of course! They are my closest family, I would go to the ends of the earth to protect them.
  • 10
    If someone hurts you (emotionally or physically) what do you do?
    Plot my revenge.
    Forgive them.
    Hunt them down.
    Never forget how they have hurt me. I will get them back someday when they least expect it.
  • 11
    Which would be your favorite subject at Hogwarts?
    Defense Against the Dark Arts
    Care of Magical Creatures
  • 12
    If you were given a million dollars, what would you do with it?
    Spend it mostly on material items.
    Donate some of it to medical research, give some to charity, buy some things, and save some for a rainy day.
    Spend it mostly on experiences.
    Donate most of it to charity and save the rest.
  • 13
    Is totally awesome!
    Is illogical, but cool.
    Is very useful.
    Should be handled very carefully.
  • 14
    In time of war, which would you rather be?
    A valiant fighter!
    A general.
    A double agent or a spy.
    A huge supporter of my side. We shall win!
  • 15
    Which is your greatest trait?
    You are fiercely loyal and always honest.
    You are clever and can always tell when you are being lied to.
    You are very ambitious and eager to work and succeed.
    You know how to have a good time, and you never get caught when making trouble.
  • 16
    Are you afraid of death?
    Who isn't?
  • 17
    Would you sacrifice yourself for the needs of many?
    Why does it have to be me?
    Yes. I am not afraid to die.
    Absolutely. If I can help my friends and family and neighbors, I will do anything.
    Maybe. It would depend on who I was saving, for what reason, and what other options I could come up with.
  • 18
    The most admirable trait that a person can have is...
  • 19
    Which magical item would you rather have?
    A wand.
    A book of spells.
    A time turner.
    Invisibility cloak.

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