What sort of teacher is your teacher?

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Think of one of your (former) teachers and find out! (You can test both male and female teachers).

  • 1
    Your teacher enters the classroom...
    ... at least 10 minutes too late and asks: "Um, which class are you?"
    ... we have to stand up and say Good Morning.
    ... nothing happens, we keep talking.
    ... with a loud and happy "Good Morning, my dears!"
    ... all students roll their eyes.
  • 2
    Describe the teacher who has just entered?
    You hardly notice him/her
    As if he/she had no clue about his/her subject (which is true!)
    No or very little hair (if he's male), clothes that were the latest fashion around the year 1865
    No special hair colour or hairstyle, but quite colourful clothes and of course a big smile
    Obviously uncombed hair, wrongly buttoned shirt, trouser legs accidentally sticking in his socks
  • 3
    He/she goes on an excursion with your class- where?
    He/she sometimes thinks of class journeys, but forgets his/her plans every time.
    He/she doesn't like excursions cause they're bad for our discipline. If he/she really has to, he/she'll drive to the nearest barracks with us.
    To a circus (with many clowns) or to the cinema.
    Maybe he/she's proposed an excursion once, but we don't listen to him/her...
    To some boring museum.
  • 4
    Describe your teacher's car.
    A showy sports car.
    About 55 years old (same age as its owner).
    Very colourful and/ or very big.
    Really small and unremarkable.
    Lots of scratches and bumps (Well, if you look at his/her driving style...)
  • 5
    Can your teacher handle computers?
    I think he/she's scared of them (data protection etc.)
    Yes, he/she likes to show us funny (?) video clips.
    No (he/she hates "modern technical devices")
    Yes, but he/she never can remember where he/she's saved things.
  • 6
    Your teacher's favourite movie?
    Every (at least a bit) funny movie.
    Educating documentaries
    He/she doesn't tell us, but probably some grandpa old silent film.
    He/she has no time to watch movies cause he/she's always looking for things.
  • 7
    What kind of music does your teacher listen to?
    Meditation music ^Zzz^
    None, he/she thinks of music as a waste of time.
    Happy songs he/she can... well... sing along to (he/she can't sing).
    He/she has no time for music (see question 6)
    That sort of music my grandparents like ^vomits^
  • 8
    Your teacher's fave thing?
    His/her clown costume.
    A stuffed animal (Bambi)
    His first tie/ Her first hairpin
    Don't ask me... no idea.
    He/she has forgotten where this thing is.
  • 9
    What does your teacher say frequently?
    "Discipline!", "Detention!" (BTW he/she doesn't say that, he/she screams)
    (Ready to cry) "Please be quiet!"
    "Um, can anyone remember what we dealt with in our last lesson?"
    (Very serious face) "We don't learn for school, but for life!"
    "My dears", "Savvy?" (He/she's watched Pirates of the Caribbean too often)
  • 10
    Hooray, the lesson's over! How does your teacher say Bye to the class?
    We have to stand up again and say Goodbye and then he/she screams "Bye!" as well
    He/she doesn't, he/she leaves without saying anything.
    (big smile) "See you tomorrow my dears!"
    "See you... um... when do we have our next lesson together?" ^looks for timetable^
    He/she whispers "Bye" and runs out as fast as he/she can.

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