What totem animal are you?

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  • 1
    You're trapped in a burning clearing. How do you escape the flames?
    Dig a tunnel through the roots of a tree.
    Use your powerful legs to leap over.
    Fly straight into the air!
    Scurry around, looking for a gap in the flames.
    Climb up an Oak tree, and work my way through the branches to safety.
  • 2
    Hungry? What sounds mommy?
    A rabbit...? Or maybe not.
    Grass... I want to graze.
    Meat.. big or small...
    Elk, maybe?
    I could have meat, or berries, or maybe I could go build a nest..
  • 3
    You would describe yourself as...
    Full of Wisdom
  • 4
    Geronimo! Want to go for a swim?
    But how could I fly if I got all wet?
    Is it on the way? We have no time to waste.
    I'd.. rather not. Not that I can't, I can of course... but the water... looks so...
    A paddle could cool my fur.
    Er, OK.
  • 5
    Danger! What sound do you make?
    Bark, and stamp!
    Scream or howl
  • 6
    Pick a phrase.
    "It's in your blood"
    "Remember your wild side"
    "Trust oneself"
    "Remember the way"
    "Spring Cleaning"
  • 7
    You're watching a nature show... they are filming in...
    Yellowstone Park
    The Skies
    The British Countryside
    The Great Plains
    The forests, jungles, and Savannah.
  • 8
    Where do you live?
    We travel around all the time.
    Wherever the wind takes me.
    A warren or burrow... maybe even a dam.
    With the herd.
    Where the prey goes... but I settle down in a cosy den from time to time.
  • 9
    Choose a word.
  • 10
    It's the night-time. You see...
    I'll probably be asleep...
    Roosting happens in the night time... for most of us, anyway.
    Most things. Daytime is better.
    The majority, although it is easier with more light.
    Everything. Darkness isn't a problem.
  • 11
    What smells the best?
    Leaf mould after rain.
    Grass... fresh spring dewy grass.
    Some particular plants really draw my attention.
    I pick up a lot of scents, and I could not decide.
    Scent is not really my area of expertise.
  • 12
    Look at that!
    *Flies up to see*
    *Jumps into tree to take a better look*
    *Rests forepaws on a log, and stretches neck up*
    *Rears up on hind legs*
    *Leaps up and down trying to see*
  • 13
    Fooled You! X3
    *Paws at ground*
    *Runs talons through dirt*
  • 14
    Ok, sorry! Give us a time of day!
    ..Any time with no predators about.
  • 15
    LAST QUESTION! Hope you enjoyed the quiz. Go here: http://earthlorenews.wordpress.com/2010/11/02/disc over-your-animal-totems/
    If you don't like your result, or want to take it a step further. How do you leave?

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