Does he like you as more than a friend? (Girls preferable, extremely accurate)

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Unsure of whether your crush or perhaps just a friend/acquaintance likes you as more than a friend? Find out here.

Girls preferable, very accurate.

**Please answer this quiz 100% truthfully if you would like accurate results.**

  • 1
    How long have you known each other?
    How long have you known each other?
    We have not met.
    A few months
    A few days
  • 2
    When you are talking to him, are his feet pointed directly at you?
    Not really.
    Definite no.
    Yes, I think so.
  • 3
    Where does he look when he's talking to you?
    Straight at my eyes.
    We don't talk.
    At the girl sitting next to me.
    His eyes wander to the right/left.
  • 4
    Do you do any of the following?
    Facebook/Myspace chat
    Text each other
    Call each other
    None of the above
  • 5
    How often does he speak to you?
    A good amount
    All the time
  • 6
    Who starts the conversation?
    Either of us; it's equal
    We have group talks...the girl behind me starts the conversation.
  • 7
    What do you mostly talk about?
    Social aspects of school
    Everything, including personal information
    We don't talk.
    Academic aspects of school
  • 8
    What is the most intimate physical thing he has done to you?
    He has hugged me.
    He has kissed me.
    He has touched me (ex: hand, shoulder, arm).
    We do not touch.
  • 9
    Honestly, how interested does he seem in the conversations you two have?
    Very interested
    Vaguely interested
    Not interested
    Somewhat interested
  • 10
    Theoretically speaking, if you went up to him and asked him on a date, he would say something along the lines of ...
    "Yeah! That sounds great. I'll pick you up at 7."
    "Sorry, but not interested."
    "Well...I don't know...I'd have to ask my parents."
    "Um, sure. Yeah, cool."
  • 11
    Does he have a girlfriend?
    Yes, and they are happy together.
    No, but I'm aware he likes another girl.
    Yes, but they are breaking up.
  • 12
    Does he tease you?
    Yes, and it's often mean.
    Yes, in a friendly manner.
    Not really.
  • 13
    Have you ever gone anywhere together (excluding large group things, such as school concerts, youth groups, etc.) outside of school?
    Yes, a few/many times.
    I haven't had the chance, as we recently met.
  • 14
    Does he smile when he is around you?
    Not really
  • 15
    Do you get along with his friends?
    Do you get along with his friends?
    No, we actually dislike each other.
    We're acquaintances.
    I don't know his friends.
  • 16
    Does he often say hi to you in the hallway?
    Yes, and with a smile and a wave
    Sometimes he does
  • 17
    Have you caught him staring at you when he thought you were not looking?
    All the time
    A few times
  • 18
    Has he ever complimented you?
    Yes, once
    Yes, all the time
    Yes, a few times
  • 19
    Does he seem nervous around you?
    Not really
    He laughs at me...
  • 20
    What do you think about this quiz? (This does not count towards your score.)
    It's pretty good. I like it.
    I love it.
    It's OK.
    I do not like it...

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Liesy Wollado (70729)
((pink))He kissed me 6 times and says he will pick me up at 7 all the time
we held hands too we are in the same class , WE ARE BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIENDIDK WHAT TO DO / i got 100% on mine
Kino💗a (19974)
3 days ago
I definitely know he likes me more than a friend he just told me today on text "I love a gurl in our school who is always there for me and I asked who she is he type it's u.I was speechless
IkeaKarmz (35221)
3 days ago
For 45 % you are: According to the results, he seems to really like you as more than a friend! He is definitely attracted to you and wants to ask you out. It can be scary, but girls can ask out guys too! Make the first move or strongly hint that you two should date. There is an extremely likely chance he will say yes.
Jessica (60831)
4 days ago
He likes me but not positive...
Emma (97193)
4 days ago
I know a boy who would always talk to me before home room started, and sometimes Science class if we were sitting next to each other (Sucky teacher always chose our seats). I don’t remember anything that day when we first sat together, he was always making me laugh. Sometimes when everyone’s was talking and working on the assignment, he would 80% of the time come over to my table and make me laugh, even if he was working somewhere in the hallway. But, he’s moving sometime next month (December). I don’t know whether to ask him if he likes me, phone number/WeChat, or just leave it at that, and I don’t have the guts to do it! I am too scared he’ll say yes and I say I like him too and he says it was a joke. So the only way it could work if he asked for my phone #/WeChat. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! (Sorry for rambling)
Sally (97193)
4 days ago
So, there’s this guy, and I feel like he’s trying to find an excuse to talk to me or make me laugh, he also didn’t have to all to me. But, we don’t talk that much outside of class. I don’t know if he likes me or liked me, or just was being friendly.
Anon (74048)
12 days ago
There’s this guy I like but I think he likes his ex. Although he denies it ALL the time. But I feel like there may be a tiny spark between us. All of our friends try to push us together and they all say we’d be adorable and that we should wheel. We both kind of get awkward and blush. Does this mean something??
Princess Snowy (02872)
15 days ago
Ug I really hope this is accurate cuz theres this guy I like and idk if he likes me ack
Keira Osborne (65529)
33 days ago
Abound he totally likes you
Keira Osborne (65529)
33 days ago
This is the weirdest thing ever
ilovmangoes (79719)
49 days ago
sooo my friend just asked me out and i dont know if this is a dare??! Because like he legit said " do you have a bandaid because i just fell for you" and of course i said Haha did you fart because you blew me away" then he said i just gonna say it... will you go out with me??? then i left him on typing DX PLZZZ I NEED ADVICE (sorry for caps)
me (71721)
49 days ago
theres this guy in my grade and he has a gf but he is always finding ways to touch me, talk to me, etc. but the weird thing is is that he snaps me pics saying "i love you, hey sweetheart, hey baby, etc." with all the different kind of heart emojis and kissy face emoji. Does he like me?
Me (09856)
54 days ago
Holy cow errr oh no
Cute girls (53428)
55 days ago
I don't know if he likes me
AshGamerGirl0628 (52854)
55 days ago
Today is September 27. Picture day is on 29. My friends played a prank saying that I like him, and it turns out he smiled and said he's going to ask me out on PICTURE DAY! It's the reason why I took this quiz, cause I'm not sure if he "likes me" likes me and I only like him a little.. plus my parents are SUPER overprotective so it wouldn't work out anyway...
Anonymus (10510)
58 days ago
theres this guy in my class who said don't go back on to the footy field don't hurt yourself even more and looked out for me he also asked if I was gonna be there on the last day of term 3 and I said no I was going on a touch carnival he said oh ok his friend gave him this weird look and said why are you asking her he said because I can. he has also complimented me on a few of my sports skills and average subjects. my friends think he likes me but I sort of don't trust can u tell me if you think he likes me thanks
RennahKB (10347)
60 days ago
I have a guy friend and we have known eachother since we were babies! We get along SO SO well! Before, we did share a cheeky kiss😏 He does keep on dropping hints that he is into me. But i don't have the guts to actually ask him if he does like me. I like him to. What should i do?!
CrushingAnonymous (79085)
65 days ago
Okay, just an odd thing I noticed--Catalina, Creeped Out and Angie--apparently we all took this quiz based on guys named Josh XD Was Josh a popular name or something?
CrushingAnonymous (79085)
66 days ago
So, there is this guy... We met in history class last year and quickly built up a relationship pretty close to being BFFs (I mean, we talk everyday/text everyday if I am home a few states away and he is one person I have truly told many secrets to). Anywho, I have had this feeling lately that maybe there is something more going on... I've never dated or anything (despite being 19) and I just really have no clue when it comes to men. Whenever I talk about him and the things he says/does to a couple of friends of mine they always clarify if we are a couple or just friends. I always say just friends... but I have to wonder--is it likely that we are growing into something more? Idk... It's just little things, like... When I wasn't feeling well earlier this week he was like, "I'm going to the store, do you need anything?" and "I have a ton of IBuprofen if you need any." Whenever it is dark out, and sometimes when it is not, he will walk me back to my dorm (and has been doing so for the last year now, even though we live on opposite ends of campus). And.. Well, tonight, we planned a movie night and I decided to make brownies and he offered to do the dishes, both prior to and after... And if there is ever a concert or something on campus, we are likely going together... and last year he offered his coat when I was shivering... And he is letting me make him watch Star Wars and drag him to the new one in December :) last year I taught him chess, just because we wanted to kill some time after supper one day and have held a friendly competition ever since... But he also defends me in situations where I blame myself for things and listens to me vent... He often offers up his opinions on those matters as well as his (negative) opinion on my former crush (who he knows only through what I have told him). I also know that he liked a girl at the beginning of last year (around the time I met him)... But he said that he no longer likes her... and if I ask he always says that he doesn't like anyone... When we are together, sometimes I imagine what it would be like if he liked me and we decided to pursue a relationship... I can actually imagine being well together, but... I don't know if that is just my mind creating signs that aren't there or if there is actually something real going on between us beyond friendship...?
Burris (91454)
71 days ago
So we meet last year and things seemed great until he started talking to his friends and then everything I st went down hill now we are somewhat friends but only because I pushed him to talk to me about a small argument that we had and now he is acting like he was before he talked to his friends. Why are boys so confusing?????