Does He like you? (Girls)

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Well many people have been wondering if the special guy is having a crush on you like the way you do to him. This test should be able to help you find out <3

  • 1
    Does he know you? does he know you exist?
    I don't think he knows me
    Sort of, he knows me but we don't really talk
    Yes, he knows me. But not everything
    Yes, he knows me very well. I am his friend
    No. He doesn't even know I exist
  • 2
    Are you his friend?
    Yes, I'm his best friend
    Yes, I'm his friend, but not his best
    No. He doesn't even know me
    I'm in his class and stuff
    Yes, I'm his best friend that is a *girl*
  • 3
    Does he occasionally come to ask you for help?
    Because I'm the only person left to ask
    Yes, I'm always his first choice
    Only because he knows that I'm smart and will know the answer
    No, he never comes to ask me
    Yes, He tries to ask his friends first though
  • 4
    Did you two ever have Physical Contact?
    We've been holding hands
    No. He doesn't even know me
    Yes, we've shared hugs
    No, I want him to but no.
    Yes, he has even kissed me before!
  • 5
    Did you ever catch him staring at you?
    Yes, always. When I notice him, he smiles back
    Yes, when I catch him, he quickly looks away
    Only if his friends aren't around
    No. He never stares at me
    Only because the clock was near my seat
  • 6
    If he was to choose his partner, are you ...
    Hesitates, looks around and chooses you
    Only if we're the only ones left
    Definitely his first choice
    No, we don't even know each other
    Tries to go with his friends, but ends up with you
  • 7
    Does he change plans just to hang out with you?
    Yes, he changes everything just to be with me
    Sometimes, he sometimes changes things to hang out with me
    There was only this one time ...
    No, he doesn't know me/ he never changes plans
    I guess, he tries to change plans to spend time with me but never can
  • 8
    When you talk to him, does he
    Looks at you, just not in the eyes
    Doesn't look at you but knows that you are talking to him
    Look at you right in the eye, as if reading your minds
    Totally ignores what you've got to say
    Doesn't look at you, you're only hoping that he is listening
  • 9
    When you look at him in the eyes
    I guess I don't pay attention
    Sense that he is hiding something from you
    I've never looks at him in the eyes
    I don't feel or sense anything
    You get a warm and welcome feeling from him
  • 10
    How much do you like him? 5 = I'm totally obsessed, 1 = I don't really care
    I'm Totally Obsessed
    I guess I don't care

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