Mario Party 9 Quiz

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Mario Party 9 is one of the best parties in the series! Let's see how this quiz improves your Mario Party skills as Mario Party 9 is added to the series.

  • 1
    Mario Party 9 is based on which game?
    Mario Party 8
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Mario Super Sluggers
    Mario Sports Mix
    New Super Mario Bros Wii
  • 2
    Name the Mid-Boss and Boss in that order, in the board, Toad Road?
    Dry Bones and Chain Chomp
    Wiggler and Lakitu
    Spike and King Boo
    Who mp and King Bomb-omb
    Lakitu and Wiggler
  • 3
    This is the first Mario Party that Bowser j.r:
    Is not Bowser's son
    Has Bowser j.r mini games
    Is a Boss
    Is playable
    Is not called Koo pa Kid
  • 4
    Mario Party 9 is different that Power Stars are replaced by ______________
    Shine Sprites
    Mini Stars
    Mini Ztars
  • 5
    Chain Chomp is the Boss of which board?
    Donkey Kong Jungle Ruins
    Magma Mine
    Toad Road
    Blooper Sea
    Bowser Station
  • 6
    What about the mini games in this party?
    They are picked only by you
    You pick them out of five
    They are picked from Computers only
    You pick them out of three
    They are chosen by Roulette
  • 7
    Mario Party 7 had J.r spaces also. What makes Party Nine's J.r spaces different from Seven's?
    J.r takes you to a Boss Battle
    J.r sends you to Bowser
    J.r takes you and an ally of his choice to play one of his mini games
    J.r takes Mini Stars away
    J.r does same as Mario party 7
  • 8
    Who is a Playable New Character?
    Donkey Kong
    Shy Guy
    Koo pa
    Koo pa Kid
  • 9
    Who are the Unlock able New Characters?
    Hammer Bro and Blooper
    Donkey Kong and Shy Guy
    Shy Guy and Kamek
    Boo and Dry Bones
    Koo pa and Donkey Kong
  • 10
    How does a party end in this party?
    When J.r kills you and game over
    When you reach the Mid-Boss
    When you reach the Boss
    After 50 turns
    After 30 turns
  • 11
    What space makes the Captain Roll the Dice again?
    Captain Event Space
    Back Space
    Dash Space
    Forward Space
    VS Space
  • 12
    What are the "Items of Mario Party 9"?

    For EX: Mario Parties 5 6 and 7 are orbs

    Dice Blocks
    Items themselves
  • 13
    What Genres does Mario Party 9 combine?
    Party and Sports
    Party and just Party
    Party and Racing
    Party and Action/Adventure
    Party and Role Playing
  • 14
    Which Board has the Mid-Boss, Bowser j.r?
    Bowser Station
    Blooper Sea
    Magma Mine
    Toad Road
    Donkey Kong Jungle Ruins
  • 15
    Last Question=Very Hard

    Why does Mario Party 9 own Mario Party 8?
    Because 9 has Dice Items instead of Candy
    Because 9 rocks!
    Because 9 calls Koo pa Kid, Bowser j.r
    Because 9 has better Everything!
    I hate 9 and love 8 because I'm dumb!

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