Cute Japanese Names ;)

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Just in case you felt the need to design a new anime/manga oc + needed some name ideas! Or you just want to look at something random... cuz ya know, we have those days! ;) Nyway thanx for reading!
Luv, Tasha:3

    Cute Japanese names! ;)
    Aiko - Love Child or Little Loved one
    Airi - Beloved Jasmine
    Akina - Spring Flower
    Akira - Bright, clear
    Amaya - Night Rain
    Ami - Friend
    Ayano - My color or my design
    Ayumi - Pace, Walk
    Chidori - Thousand Birds Chirping
    Emi - Beautiful
    Emiko - Beautiful Child
    Hana - Flower
    Hanako - Flower Child
    Hotaru - Firefly
    Ikumi - lively beauty
    Jin - Tender
    Leiko - Arrogant
    Kaiya - Forgiveness
    Kami - Spirit
    Kana - Forgiveness
    Keiko - Adored One
    Mai - Dance, Brightness
    Mika - beautiful fragrance
    Mikoto - of the gods, noble
    Mitsuki - Beautiful Moon
    Nagi - Calm
    Nanako - just means child (the "na" kanji doesn't mean anything)
    Natsumi - Summer Beauty
    Reiko - Lovely child
    Rena - Rebirth
    Rima - White Antelope
    Rini - Little Bunny
    Sachi - Child of Joy
    Sakura - Cherry Blossom
    Saya - Swift Arrow
    Sora - Sky
    Suki - Beloved
    Yuki - Snow
    Yumi - Beauty

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Stop Fetishizing Asian People ( 17409 )
Posted 75 days ago
Oh my god, the white people in this comments section, holy 💗. "I'm an author and this helped me pick out all the names in my story" How bout you try to stop writting about a culture you know nothing about and missreperesenting us. Im all for the inclusion of asian characters in media, but when you leave us out of the writting room it often leads to grossly inacurate and frankly racist portrayals of Asian people, particularly us women who are often made to look subbmisive in weak for the white male gaze. Even J. K. Rowling 💗ed us over with her character Cho Chang, who for one, donest even have a real name, as both Cho and Chang are just stereotypical Chinese surnames, and beyond this she is an offensive portrayal of an Asian woman whos main characteristic is her attachment to her man, another harmful Asian stereotype. Also, this is just JK, who really has been one of the more progressive writers, and theres no way in hell your poorly writen internet fanfiction is gonna be more racially sensitive. You'd just be another internet 💗 spreading racist stereotypes and misinformation throughout your little circle of yello face wearing weeabo friends and letting it fester and spread till it infects the world.
Kazura ( 24839 )
Posted 123 days ago
This is amazing thanks!
SillyAlexx ( 94544 )
Posted 165 days ago
This is a cool and helpful item, it helps me identify the meaning of names
Usagi ( 31144 )
Posted 232 days ago
so many references from narruto .3.
Author Chan ( 96342 )
Posted 263 days ago
I'm an author on quotev and this is what I use to name the characters
choji ( 93947 )
Posted 324 days ago
we are looking for a new anime club name
NekoMikuWaifu ( 05074 )
Posted 328 days ago
Thanks name for blade and soul :D
Rosyda ( 75582 )
Posted 333 days ago
This helps a lot, thankyou to whoever made this site, because it was really helpful~ ^^
my name ( 76742 )
Posted 358 days ago
this helped me a lot thanks!
yumi ( 14037 )
Posted 361 days ago
This helped me name my pet!
yujin ( 46247 )
Posted 379 days ago
I just want a great name so i found here arigato
SakuraTheGhoul ( 98812 )
Posted 385 days ago
This really helped me find names for my fan fiction. Thanks, person who made this site!
ToyTheFab ( 60046 )
Posted 430 days ago
And an anime game...
ToyTheFab ( 60046 )
Posted 447 days ago
this helped me alot
Leslie :3 ( 28442 )
Posted 476 days ago
This helped me pick out a name for my anime game. :3 hah. xD
Me and Claire ( 53389 )
Posted 512 days ago
This helped me and Claire soooooo much! Thank you! Now our webcomic is gonna be AWESOMELY KAWAII!
Brianna Graceffa ( 96680 )
Posted 546 days ago
This helped me find a name for my anime game ! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
Moofin ( 41118 )
Posted 566 days ago
This helped me name my boyfriends pet fish lol, thanks cx
... ( 31464 )
Posted 582 days ago
this really helped me name my oc's
gumiho ( 28544 )
Posted 668 days ago
these are cute and nice thank you for taking the time to make this ^.^