Are you Straight, Bisexual or Lesbian?

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Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm 15 (going on 16) and am PROUDLY bisexual. A friend of mine asked me one day "How did you know you were bi?". I had to think for a few minutes... After a short while, I replied "I just knew, I guess". I couldn't give her a proper answer because I hadn't actually thought about it properly before. She then asked me "How can I tell if I'm gay, straight or bi?" and that's when I decided to make this quiz. After a while, I realised how I knew I was bi (long story... seriously).

So, this quiz is NOT 100% accurate. If you're straight, gay or bi, you'll know.

  • 1
    This question is a hypothetical: You're sitting at the bar of a very popular club, drinking a sexy NON-ALCOHOLIC cocktail. Your best friend, who is drunk out of her mind, stumbles (literally) onto you, spilling her drink, as well as yours, on herself. What do you do?
  • 2
    You're lying in bed with your laptop on your lap. Nobody is home at the moment. You suddenly feel aroused and want to watch pornographic material. What do you watch?
  • 3
    Your boyfriend has suggested going camping with his older sisters this weekend. What is your reaction?
  • 4
    You just finished watching your favourite TV Show. What are you doing now?
  • 5
    Can you lick your elbow?
  • 6
    What colour is your computer/laptop/other device you're currently using to view this quiz?
  • 7
    Take a two deep breaths. Did you breathe in through your nose or your mouth?
  • 8
    You've just stolen something from the supermarket. What did you steal?
  • 9
    Your father is homophobic. How do you feel about this?
  • 10
    If you already know your sexuality, why did you take this test?

Comments (28)


Zariah (64767)
19 days ago
Well it said that im 50% bi, I kinda knew that for a while but was confused from time to time I'm only 12 and still have a long time to figure that out.
Me.. (24218)
64 days ago
It said I was 44% bI, but idk, I either am bi, or I just like boys, idk, I guess I'll find out in the near furture, and I am 14 years old, idk I got to think of what I am, idk yet.
Handi (63743)
68 days ago
Most likely gay at 50%. I guess? I am to marry a straight male but have had two female loves. I must be bi.
Brooke (34849)
103 days ago
I thought I was bi but still not sure these test are fun too
Annie (98706)
114 days ago
This helped me quite alot, I had been worried about my sexuality for a long time and the test said I was mostly straight and possibly bi. I explored my head a bit and it came that I was straight, and now I don't worry as much. Although I am a small bit bi, I needn't worry about that. Thank you! 😀
Heyo (65470)
143 days ago
This is really innacurate. I'm bi, maybe even gay. I like girls personalities, a certain type of girl I like a lot. More masculine ones. Guys are ok, but I feel like I just don't like them anymore? They're better as friends... tbh
It says I was straight tho
Can somebody help me. Do I sound lesbian? Or bi?
I feel like guys are attractive stil, face wise, but I can't picture myself with one.
Girls I like for their personality especially, very picky about them! But the ones I do crush on, I really like.
I know for sure I'm cinromantic. When I barely know someone I'll develop a strong crush on them. But what's my sexuality?
Chloe (25872)
148 days ago
Ive always been attracted to girls more. When I think about a life where Im with a guy it doesnt make me as happy as the one with the girl. Im questioning, because what if I am bi? I dont particularly want to be, amd I dont know why. I guess this feeling in me says Im gay, but my mom really wants me to marry a guy. I think well maybe its not that bad, but I think being with a girl would be the best thing in the world.
Lexi (07666)
275 days ago
You're 50% Bisexual

What about the other 50%?
Mr . Darcy and charmer (10910)
280 days ago
I'm bi I always suspected it but I wasn't sure . 😘❤❤❤❤ I don't know how to come out tho 😔😔😔 I'm only 11 but I don't care what others think of me ❗❗❗❗❗
Carol (51700)
290 days ago
I guess it is kind of accurate. It said I'm 50% straight so I would take that as me being bisexual, but the comment that comes with the percentage says "you're most likely straight" which I do not believe I am straight. I've been attracted to multiple girls, but also multiple guys that sometimes I get confused myself. I like a guy's appearance more, but I love a girls personality more. What's up with the elbow part as well. I don't see how that determines anything, but okay it's not like a computer or questioner can completely find my sexuality out for me.
Eve (72042)
310 days ago
Hmmmmm.... I'm questioning whether I'm bi and the test said 70% Bi. Coincidence or is it the real deal?
Nic (46652)
336 days ago
I'm only 11 and I really don't care what others say but the hard bit is telling my family😔🤔😖
Nic (46652)
336 days ago
It's amazing it said I'm bisexual and I think it's true it said I'm 40% bi and 60% gay I've liked girls but I prefers boys more
Shalaya keys (05879)
444 days ago
I am happy to come to this page it helped me figure out if I'm gay, lesbian, straight and I am gay
Maria (88897)
481 days ago
So I have been soo insicure about my sexuality & like I took this quiz 2 times & the first time I got 40% straight & 40% bisexual & now I got 50% straight soo does it mean that I'm bi ? I feel like I am and I want to be bi... I'll probably just tell my bestfriend...
Jennifer (25014)
489 days ago
I am 11 years old, and I am unsure of my sexuality. Today my friend and I went to rundal park. We went sat on the bench and talked. While we were talking, the topic about being bi lesbian or gay came up. When we finished the conversation, she told me she thought she was bi. I told her I thought I was bi as well( because I do.) I think I have a crush on her, but I also think I kinda like a guy. I took the test and it said I was bi. And I think I am bi. But now I have no clue how to tell my family. I'm only 11.
Gin (25811)
511 days ago
So, i'm 15 years old and i am not sure about my sexuality. I never had a crush on a boy nor a girl. I had this "thing" with one of my friends that i was Undyne and she was Alphys from Undertale, and some day i caught myself hoping for a bit more than just simply holding hands or hugging. I wanted more but i couldnt say.
There was also a boy in her class. He was the typical macho-type strong nice and a bit cheeky. He and I started to be friends and even with him i caught myself hoping for more than just a "friend-relationship".
Now i took this quiz and it says I'm 40% straight. To be honest I was a bit dissapointed, but at the same time I am 40% gay. So I'm bi? Still not sure if it only was puberty.
Jamil (35714)
532 days ago
Mary debesai I think you should I came out to my parents at 16 and it was hard but your young, you should do it now
Mary Debesai (00719)
533 days ago
I'm 50% gay so I'm bi then because I'm straight and gay so I'm bi but I'm just 11 should I come out!?!?
Phoenix (68470)
555 days ago
I am bi and so happy I am proud to be bi and takeing this test made me supper happy :)